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    bodyPadding is new in Ext4

    I discovered that bodyPadding is a new attribute in Ext4, and so changing Ext3 'padding' to an Ext4 'bodyPadding', seems to create the desired layout.

    I am confused as to why this isn't well...
  2. pagingtoolbar (not paging) xtype

    Changing the xtype from 'paging' to 'pagingtoolbar' seemed to solve the problem. Thank you!

    But then this suggests that there is a documentation problem as the 4.02 documentation still lists...
  3. Uncaught TypeError: Cannot call method 'substring' of undefined ext-all-debug.js:3487

    In my Ext3 to Ext4 migration, I am left with a killer that I do not understand:

    Uncaught TypeError: Cannot call method 'substring' of undefined
    Manager.Ext.ClassManager.parseNamespace ...
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    Panel.getTool alternative for Ext4

    I discovered that I can get access to it like this:


    Is this a good idea or preferred to using down? (Seems easier...)
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    padding is behaving like margin

    I am migrating a screen from Ext3 to Ext4 and noticed that my panels have space between them, and they have no padding. I generally specify about 10 pixels for padding and it looks like that is...
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    Panel.getTool missing in Ext4

    I have a Panel with a tool (refresh button), but Panel.getTool no longer exists in Ext4. How can I get a handle to it so that I can hide it?
  7. Thank you! I thought it was removed because it...

    Thank you! I thought it was removed because it is missing from the API documentation (you can find monitorValid, but can't find formBind).
  8. monitorValid and formBind when buttons has been deprecated?

    I had read that buttons has been deprecated. (In Ext Designer, I need to add a toolbar then add buttons to the toolbar.) Alas, I want to take advantage of the monitorValid/formBind mechanism in a...
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