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  1. Actually, it was quite simple. I used a CheckColumnConfig without CellEditor (not to have the cell switching to edit mode) + set the pluggin.

    Preview of some source code lines :

    // ......
  2. Hi,

    Does anyone get a solution?

    I have the same need : an editorgrid with some columns. One column is render as a checkbox.
    The checkbox is only render when I click on the cell : it show the...
  3. Replies
    A short example of code may help you :

    GroupingStore<ModelData> store = (GroupingStore<ModelData>) grid.getStore();
    store.setStoreSorter(new StoreSorter<ModelData>() {
  4. I have a look to this post, and I understand why I have the feeling of "appending the row at the end". It is due to the store.sort().
    I explicitly add store.sort("myPersonnalColumnOrder",...
  5. Hello,

    I would like to have a grid with group and allow the user to change the order of row in a group.
    This post seems to answer to my need, but it does not work correctly for me. Actually, when...
  6. I think you do not understand my questions. I do not know why you are keeping on speaking about "Store".
    I said "I understood what you told me and I understand that the way I called the line :...
  7. Oh ! This way, it is working :-?
    So, 2nd need, how can I set the variable refreshInterval with a value in session? As you saw, I tried with a DataStore, but I am not calling it correctly.
  8. Sorry, if you thought, I was not listened to you.
    I understood what you told me and I understand that the way I called the line : refreshTimeUserStore.getAt(0).data.refreshDelay is not correct. So...
  9. I was able to get an error message using Firebug :

    refreshTimeUserStore.getAt(0) is undefined
    anonymous()window.js (ligne 339)
    anonymous()ext-all-debug.js (ligne 2034)
  10. I am not able to answer to your question. I just saw that the line "break" the execution of my script. The lines after

    var refreshInterval = refreshTimeUserStore.getAt(0).data.refreshDelay;
  11. Hello,

    I would like to set the interval of a task "dynamically".

    refreshTimeUserStore = new{
    id: 'refreshTimeUserStore',
    proxy: new{
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