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  1. ExtJS 3.3 target:

    I can't share a project with you because it's on a private network, but here's a summary of how to reproduce:

    - Add any panel style layout to a new project and set its layout...
  2. If you don't know much about dom processing and js, you're in for quite a ride as you start writing for them. There's no spec for reflow. There are specs for CSS, but there are various specs and...
  3. Use the insert method rather than the add method on the tab panel. That will allow you to select which index to insert it at a specific index.
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    The new site is just hammering all of my instances of Firefox. It's sluggish even when I don't have Firebug installed in the particular Firefox instance (3.6.16). I ran it through Firefox on my...
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    Most of us were waffling back and forth about whether it was ekst or e-x-t during the first few months. When the web site first came up for ExtJS back in like April 2007 or so, there were all kinds...
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    On the child components that you don't want to be initially visible, set:

    hidden: true
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    On your gridPanel

    hideHeaders: true
  8. There is drag and drop support in ExtJS that supports DOM elements out of the box. The biggest problem with the drag and drop support is there isn't a plethora of documentation on rolling your own...
  9. Perhaps it's just me, but I've always found it somewhat odd that people choose rather large frameworks that were typically designed for delivering HTML for their backends. These frameworks are great...
  10. What happened to the Google search results plugin that was added with the previous board? That, invariably, got me the results I was looking for.
  11. Ext doesn't make it hard to write a complex secure web application. The simple truth is people often don't plan their web applications properly. With a few exceptions, if the data you're providing...
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    I'm typically on the ExtJS side of the house for most decisions (although I've been pretty silent for a year - go figure.) This particular decision, however, doesn't make much sense at all. It's a...
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    Sometimes folks ask questions not specifically for an answer, but to poll people and see if they've seen it before. Since it's community supported system, I think it's a reasonable question.
  14. It still should require no integration of Ext with the framework. All your framework should really produce is a single set of javascript objects to represent your state and you then use those...
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    When you add panels to a layout, the BorderLayout object remanages the elements that you send to that layout. Let's take your example here. You create a layout in a div element called thePanel. ...
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    Your id 'thePanel' very minimal size. When div tags are rendered, they're done so with the minimum size that can contain their content. In this particular case, when the layout manager applies the...
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    This is a renderer I added for my test grid. It renders the IP address as a button in the grid cell. The defer adds a 1ms deferral to the execution of the function. This actually just queues the...
  18. Just for reference, the sortType doesn't really affect things much. It just alters what type the data eventually ends up as prior to sending it to the sort function. For locale strings, it wouldn't...
  19. Ext isn't internationalized. A lot of the static strings in the objects have been removed and moved into the localization areas in order to provide language-specific things, but it's not (and I...
  20. I've been watching a lot of the stuff that's been posted about using this framework or that framework and how to integrate Ext into those frameworks. Folks, Ext has nothing to do whatsoever with...
  21. Without overriding Ext.Store.applySort() it will always do a simple comparison. The function used for comparison with the MixedCollection object that holds the records is created per sort, is...
  22. The section you quoted from my tutorial should have probably been phrased a bit differently than it is. There's nothing preventing you from using your own stylesheets with the layout widgets. I...
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    If the readyState of the XHR is set to 3 (receiving) the partial results are available in the responseText data, but I wouldn't rely on it too heavily. I also tested the onprogress event in Firefox...
  24. You can try:

    dialog.on('resize', function() {
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    Embrace the power of Ext. It hands it all directly to you. When you add the store for use, it's bi-directional. You update records in the store and it will post them back to the server for you. ...
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