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    Looking nice, good job!

    Ext version tested:
    Ext 4.0.2a
    Ext 4.0.6

    Browser versions tested against:
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    I've started a fork of oaugustus' work at

    Couple of changes I'm working on:
    - real annotation support (not the regular expressions that are used now)...
  4. Thanks for accepting the bug report.

    The only workaround I can think of currently is not using the collapsed property on instances in beta 2.
  5. Designer version tested:

    Designer 1.2.0 beta 2

    Operating System:

    Windows 7 x32

  6. I just got an update to beta 2 (1 hour after posting this), and this bug seems to be fixed in that version! What a coincidence.
  7. Designer version tested:

    Designer 1.2.0 beta 1

    Operating System:

    Windows 7 x32

  8. When redefining a class with a new class definition using the old name, after several redefinitions you'll get javascript errors. These errors are caused by a small bug in the class definition code,...
  9. At construction time, Ext.dd.StatusProxy creates a component widget which is given a (generated) id. This causes the widget to be added to stateful components. This can be easily seen when...
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    or possibly disable?
  11. STR: create a component with options
    floating: true,
    stopMaskTapEvent: false
    When tapping outside the component, the touchstart event is canceled (touchend is not).

    Fix: see line...
  12. STR: create a SegmentedButton with allowMultiple false. When tapping on a button, the previously pressed button receives no reference to the button, instead it's null.

    Fix: change line number...
  13. STR: create a CardLayout with 2 cards and call setCard with animation {type: 'flip', direction: 'left'} and {type: 'flip', direction: 'right'}. You'll see that the flip transform is the same for left...
  14. According to the release notes, an (x) should appear on form fields since 0.96. I haven't seen this on the iPad or iPhone - only on desktop Safari.
  15. STR: open Kitchensink on iPad or iPhone Safari, open Forms example. Focus on a form field (you need to double click, but that's another bug) and drag to left or right. The whole page body is dragged...
  16. Thanks for noticing. I applied the fix from condor see this post.

    The error should be solved. I would need to test it with other plugins and gridviews like the treegrid. Feel free to give it a...
  17. We have a (work in progress) new extension for locking columsn which could also support grouping gridview.

    The previous version was hard to maintain as it dependend on the internal gridview...
  18. Yes indeed. Sorry for the noise
  19. SVN rev #5479 broke the reload method for an AsyncTreeNode.


    There was a line added to unselect the node when it gets destroyed, but in the...
  20. I have a reader configured with no root property (as the whole json result is the dataset). This works perfect for reading, but when an update or create is used using the Extjs DirectProxy the code...
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    It's a hack to support multi column sort in the grid using the ctrl button while clicking a header. It Uses a modified version of the multiSort function from 'Animal' which can be found at...
  22. Yes. I'm trying to make the lockingColumn ux more like a plugin in such a way that you can sync multiple grids (one 'locking' grid and a non locking grid for example). This makes it also compatible...
  23. You could remove the header menu items whiche enable the locking/unlocking
  24. I see. I didn't extend the DataProxy in my customized implementation, so that is why it broke. It was a class with a load method implementation. Making it extend DataProxy fixed the problem
  25. Even while the documentation of the DataProxy class states that you can make a custom implementation by overriding doRequest (preferred) or load (depricated) this doesn't work any longer. The...
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