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  1. Yes, there was an issue. Now, the latest update on this plugin is working on ios, android and desktop browser too. Give it a try.
  2. Go for an easy slide navigation which will to work everywhere:

  3. Tested it with Sencha Touch SDK v2.2.0-b1 and CMD and getting the same result. Upgraded the app to SDK v2.2.0-b2 and got the following issue:


    Anyhow, the above fix to comment...
  4. I am also getting the same issue while creating production build for a Sencha Touch app 2.2b2 SDK. Here are the versions I am using:

    Ruby v1.9.3p327
    CMD v3.1.0.256
    Sencha Touch SDK v2.2.0-b2...
  5. I also got the same issue. However, the solution given by nak1 is working for now.
  6. I have attached the code (only the required files) here in this thread as attachment:
  7. Great. It worked fine. However, please change the variable name"scrollerview" to "scrollview" inside if condition.
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    I am facing the the same problem. In my case the apps is running fine first time after using the patch of setting viewport height with "windows.innerHeight" but Second time its not coming ,only 6px...
  9. I am trying to create a List re-ordering functionality by dragging list items around. It works perfectly. I disable list scrolling on dragstart event and enable scrolling on dragend event.
  10. Please check the screenshot below:


    But as I add top and left property, except these two icons ("up"/"down"), all other icons get aligned according to their parent container. But these two...
  11. Thanks Mitchell. It worked fine. I kept a reference of the changed index on "drag" event and moved the record in Store on "dragend" event. Added a list.refresh() in the end.
  12. While using the Neptune Theme the icons beside the number field are placed at top right of the form field,but the functionality of the icons are same at that wrong position also.Other icons are...
  13. I am trying to create a sortable list with Sencha Touch 2.0 . I am following Sencha Touch 1.1 Ext.util.Sortable class source code. I made some progress - that is the dragging and moving the element...
  14. This issue still persists. Is it got rectified in the latest Sencha build? Can you please confirm?
  15. Mostly I found the "painted" event doesn't get fires inside controller. But if I add the event inside the view file itself (which we avoid), it works generally.
  16. I created one Sencha Touch 2.0 application which requires opening documents with google viewer inside an IFRAME. The files open fine in Desktop browser as well as in Blackberry. But it forces the...
  17. I ran those commands from Sencha SDK Tools root directory.

    Also, in Sencha API docs, under "Overview" guide, I found following a bit confusing:

    In "Using and Creating Builds", sencha command...
  18. I have installed Sencha Tools SDK in my windows machine. While I type "sencha" command, it gives me proper details. But while I test create app following way (as given in docs), nothing happens:

  19. I have developed a small Sencha Touch 2.0 app. Here is the url:

    The app works in perfectly...
  20. Yes, while the video I create with a <video> tag in a simple html file, it works fine.
  21. I have created a simple video panel with Sencha Touch 1.1 which works on iOS and upto Android 3.0 properly but not with Android 4.0. Is anyone else getting the same issue? I am using Android Galaxy...
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    Is this issue resolved in ST 1.1? Or in ST 2 beta?
  23. The hasMany associations keep giving only one result for the child data for XML. Isn't this issue still solved with ST 1.1? Using all the ideas given here, I get only one association data.
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    Is there any issue with the nested items of each containers of this Accordion layout? I tried to add a Form Panel but it renders only upto DIV.x-panel-body but doesn't go further that. So, no form...
  25. Hi,

    I am using Phonegap with Sencha Touch to get camera functionality. But instead of the default camera view, I want a picture with transparent background to be overlaid upon the live camera...
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