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  1. It took a year to fix a bug I provided you guys with the fix for in a clearly stated and researched bug report.
  2. I'm really surprised to see that this bug still exists in 3.4.0 - guess it just slipped through the cracks.

    Ext version tested:
    latest of branch extjs-4.1.0

    Browser versions tested against:
    Chrome 16

    The docs state that the signature for the 'datachanged'...
  4. Seems that this bug has fallen through the cracks.

    This bug still exists in ST 2.x
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    You try it with stable versions of compass and sass yet?
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    Glad you liked them. :)
  7. Go get the most recent version, it has been updated to work with Ext4

    Note that only the window example is setup to use Ext4, not the tabs example.
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    Tried the latest version of GMapPanel from Github?
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    Working fine for me...

    Yes, provide more detail, do some debugging.
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    Would you care to post your solution/problem?
  11. Yeah, I see that he says that on page 13 of chapter 7 - he was probably just thinking of something else.

    The code for JsonStore is quite straight forward in the way it creates the proxy:

  12. The reason your fist chunk of code did not work is because the default proxy for is a which will not work with the cross domain URL you specified.
  13. The data needs to be 'loaded' into the store, either using the 'data' property of the store config or via the loadData method of the instantiated store.
  14. Post your solution then!
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    Can't wait to get my copy. Great work Loiane.
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    When I first started working with Ext JS, I participated in the project in my free time for no pay. I think that investment has paid off for me, and I'm positive it would pay off for you as well....
  17. How about using the startEdit or startEditPosition methods of the CellEditing plugin?
  18. The code you used to create your grid.

    So your at the console, and you have a variable 'grid', find out what that *is* it the grid your expecting? is it an instance of a grid or just the...
  19. Did you see the createInfoWindow method?
  20. I'm actually working on an ExtJS 4 compatible version right now.
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    Yeah, look at the dates.
  22. For what it's worth, I was not able to get x-domain requests working with the standard AJAX proxy in PhoneGap, but it's so easy to switch to a scripttag proxy that I didn't bother investigating why....
  23. " seems to function fine in Android browser."

    On my device (HTC Incredible/Android 2.2) pinch on does not work, all it does is zoom the entire page, not the map. So...
  24. If you can provide more detail, you will likely receive some help.

    Code samples, screen shots, etc.
  25. +1

    Bugs get lost in the forum, Sencha really needs a public bug tracking solution.

    Not really sure what to suggest, but Bugzilla seems to be used often -
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