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    VERY useful!! Thanks for creating this!
  2. Has anyone found an answer to this?
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    ...from: I guess that's my issue.

    If I can't change the 3rd party data from...
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    I am calling a restful URL in an attempt to chart some data. My code is:


    var store = new{
  5. I have a grid that will be updated every 15 seconds. One column contains very small graphs (sparklines). The data for these graphs change every 15 seconds, as well.

    I use a Struts action class to...
  6. Thanks, Animal!
  7. Does anyone know how to get the groupId?
  8. I do not have an answer for you, but if you expect to get help, you may want to format your source code.

    Please read:
  9. Thanks, Animal. No need to shout.
  10. I'm having the same issue. I did find one post from Saki that stated:

    This outcome basically negates the value of having an editable combo.
  11. Is there a fiinal working copy of this somewhere, including all the changes mentioned above?

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    Where is this folder?

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    I know how to add a tooltip to a grid cell using a renderer. I also now how to set a row's class using GirdView's getRowClass function. But, I have looked and cannot find how to add a tooltip for...
  14. Thanks for the quick reply, Condor.

    I checked and found that "deferRowRender" is a param in the Grid Panel. I tried it there and it did not change my problem.

    My problem was that when I was...
  15. onLoad: Ext.emptyFn,
    listeners: {
    beforerefresh: function(v) {
    v.scrollTop = v.scroller.dom.scrollTop;
  16. ..anyone?

    This works fine in a TextField, which has the same available config params and events.
  17. I can't help you fix this issue, but perhaps if you are more descriptive in your Title, you may get more views on this.
  18. I have an editable combo box on which I am trying to listen for a key event (keyup). I can catch other events, like "render" on it, but I cannot get it to fire key events. I found a post that...
  19. I have two combo boxes in a toolbar. Both combos have the same store but have different display fields. My use case is to have the user start typing in either combo and have the store filtered as...
  20. Thanks, Geverend. That did it!!
  21. Has anyone found the fix for this??

  22. Thank you, guys. As always, you provide such great, prompt service.

    I see the error in my ways. I've corrected it, expecting it to run flawlessly, but I ran into issues. I, at first, was...
  23. I'm extending the CookieProvider. When I call my custom "setCookie" function, my 'name' param ends up being an empty string in the superclass's 'set' function. When I step through the code in...
  24. Please, anyone?
  25. Our web app is sometimes loaded into an iframe in another web app. Without changing anything, other than upgrading from ExtJS V2.1 to ExtJS V2.2, we now get an error and only in MS-IE (fine in FF)....
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