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    Sorry bro, the best we have are the 2 workarounds we already post. Please check the ExtJS version. Notice that I already use the 4.1.0 stable one and continue working like a charm!!!
  2. Make sure the Itemselector Element hast it's own height and width property. That should do it for the beta.
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    I tried this on 4.1.0-b3 version but didn't work... so I made this workaround:

    var storeCountries = Ext.create('', {
    id: 'storeCountries',
    model: 'modelCtrSk',
  4. Check the beta Version... 4.1.0-b3 it's been fixed
  5. You're a lucky one!! I had the same problem... and binding the store everytime you load it was the solution in the forum... but didn't work for me. Perhaps you should try this:

  6. Hi guys... Check the 4.1.0-b3 version, seems it's working. even though still the bug when you're adding on the run the elements to the store, but that's another history.
  7. I'm Afraid it's not working... I've been trying but doesn't get fired anytime... I also tried dirtyChange Event, but just fire when you're adding the first element or removing the last element... Any...
  8. Hi Jan (HL), I just being looking for a solution, but I cannot make it Work... I'm using 4.1.0 b3, and I add your code to the initComponent in ItemSelector.js It looks like this:

  9. Perhaps you should read this :-?
  10. Use the example include in the Zip File from the Beta Version... That's the updated one!
  11. I got it... Looks like the example online is not updated yet as the one in the zip version, because it still on beta. I took a look and they're very different, but in the end, just needed to add a...
  12. My mistake, you're right!. But I don't get it, I cannot make it work. I spend all the day trying. I just took the code from the example, download the JScript they use and use the last ExtJS.

  13. The example uses ExtJS 4.0.0, you have to copy and edit the source and change it to ExtJS 4.1.0-b3
    Ext version tested:

    ExtJS 4.1.0b1
    ExtJS 4.1.0b2
    ExtJS 4.1.0b3
    Browser versions tested against:

    Chrome 11 (Windows)
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    Here's a code used to check the error from ajax response.

    clientValidation: true,
    url: 'updateConsignment.php',
    params: {
  16. :DAlready done, look the code!! which doctype version did u use?
  17. I think that the problem its the wrong structure, you should sorround the success and msg with "" like this:

    { "success":true, // note this is Boolean, not string "msg":"Consignment...
  18. If you check it out, there's already a name config for the combo.
  19. I just had the same problem with two combo boxes, one father and the other its child. add the property to all combo Boxes:

    lastQuery: ''

    It seems that the first time, the combo box has...
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    I think that the problems is the id's. Every component has it's own id, but when you create another calendar it use the same id (for creating div's) and thats the problem because of you cannot create...
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    Maybe this Extension may help you!
    It's called Event Calendar

    And this is a version for IE and improved
  22. check this out
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    In moth's view, if the week it's not completed it presents day from the next month, right?
    Have you noticed when you add a task in the month's last day, the others days from the next...
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    Are you sure??? because when I fixed that bug I found that in task.js (render function, line 78 aprox) you were reseting the index in this sentence :

    this.task_index =...
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    where can I download the PDF manual??? :s
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