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  1. Finally I found a workaround for the broken button issue


    #ux-taskbar {
    background:transparent none;
  2. not working for me :s

    I checked with "Web Developer"...really no cookies set...
  3. I've checked before, no cookies used by extjs

    I found another example of ExtJS Desktop called "qWikiDesktop"

    It's all fine...but too complex for me...just want to find out how they fixed the...
  4. Yes,

    Sometimes it's okay, when I clicked the link directly or paste the uri into address bar.

    But after Reload, the bar won't show again...
  5. As title,

    It's all fine in IE7,Opera 9.51 and Safari

    but the taskbar disappeared in Firefox 3.0.1

    The downloaded example and the online example share the same issue...

    When I add some...
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