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  1. Here's an example where it gets jumpy

    From my debugging this happens when you have a layout where one of the items does not have a height set. In my case,...
  2. Using

    layout: {type: 'vbox', align: 'stretch'}

    Had worked for me in 5.0 but the bug came back in 5.1. I'm hoping to create a reduction to be able to show Sencha the bug in action.

  3. Can we get a bug number that we can track? Has it been fixed in Ext 5.1?
  4. This happens to me when calling show on a container with a grid, and the container is inside a window that is being redisplayed. I also don't have the time to create a small reduction, but it's...
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    It looks like this has been fixed in Ext 5? The call to constructPlugins was moved into initComponent?
  6. Shibub's way is definitely the clean way to do it, if you'd like you can even change the look of the <hr/> with CSS
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    I think you just use type intead of xtype, like layout configs

    type: 'array',
    fields: [...],
    data: []
  8. With all these reports, and what is clearly a bug, Ext is not going to say anything about this issue? This is not a peripheral problem. If you suggest MVC as a best practice approach, how can you...
  9. It seems you have already decided to stop Flex because it's no longer supported. I think your question is whether to use Adobe Air or Ext-JS Desktop Packager.

    Though I can't speak for Desktop...
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    I ran across the same problem when some code was recreating a window with the same ID as what it was previously.

    buttons: [{
    text: 'Select File',
    handler: function() {
  11. @evant Can you please link to the thread where EXTJSIV-6734 was created from so that I can track its progress? I did a google search but only mine and another post (also marked as a duplicate) came...
  12. @mitchellsimoens This report may leave whether it's a bug kind of up in the air, but if you look at the test case in...
  13. The problem is that hidden columns still take up height since only the columns inside x-grid-header-row have their width/height to 0. The width does propagate to all the tds, but the height doesn't,...

    Ext version tested:
    Ext 4.1.3 (Using live examples from sencha's current doc)

    Browser versions tested against:

  15. Beware that the beforedestroy event and the beforeDestroy event do not guarantee that the component is going to get destroyed. If any of the listeners return false, the destroy process is stopped and...
  16. I do agree that the documentation doesn't necessarily imply that Store.isLoading() becomes true immediately after the proxy reads the data. However, if you're going to assume that, I still think...
  17. I created a Ext.view.View using deferInitialRefresh: false, and I wanted it to display "Loading" instead of emptyText when it was first rendered.

    So I overrode collectData to do the following (my...
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    Where does it say that Ext.override is deprecated?
  19. I think the main difference is that a mixin is something that a class itself decides that it needs (and declares itself to use a mixin). A plugin is something that the caller decides to add (in the...
  20. The solution to this is to set JsonReader#useSimpleAccessors to true, that will allow brackets and dots in field names without trying to access sub-objects

    By the way, for the people that are...
  21. This is happening because you are sharing dockedItems among all instances since you put it on the prototype. What you need to do is to define dockedItems from initComponent so that a new dockedItems...
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    Documentation for!/api/Ext.container.Container-method-add doesn't explain that you can pass an integer as the first parameter to indicate where you'd like to...
  23. Great news! Having my bugs accepted by Sencha will encourage me to file more bugs. I've found a number of them in Ext4, but I've been reluctant, since they've been ignored before.

  24. Yes, I would love that. That will allow me to remove a patch from my patches file and will assure that this issue is taken into consideration as new versions come.

  25. I never claimed it doesn't make sense. I said it changed from the behavior of 3 without an alternative. That's why I suggested a new event called 'dataloaded'.
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