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  1. Thanks eyepoker & Philip...

    Both the answers works perfectly fine.
  2. The cursor appear to be fixed on the screen(which will be viewable) when you tap on any other text field/text area to write/edit (when virtual keyboard.appears on the screen)
    If you drag the screen...
  3. The snapshot is captured from iPhone.
  4. Hi All,

    I'm working on ST 2.0.1, I'm using scrollToEnd() fn like below.
    On tap of a button on top of the page,I'm invoking this function.

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    Once the button is clicked,the focus is shifted to text field.(No issues on that).

    But it will force the user to be on that field.Even though the user isnt willing to type anything@the moment.
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    I have some peculiar problem with 'focus on text field'.

    In my form i have a text field in bottom,upon clicking on any button in the top, i have applied focus on this text field.
    Once the focus...
  7. Issue :- when I type something wrong in iOS and it attempts to autocorrect, the suggested text appears to be in bold as opposed to normal like it should be.

    Can anyone help me with this.

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