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  1. For anybody who is running into the same issue - it seems to mainly happen when used in combination with PhoneGap or Sencha Build. DO NOT rely on the orientation that Sencha returns to you... it is...
  2. For anybody who is facing the same issue. I managed to get it working by just creating a new object within the Sencha app and then reference the functions that way. e.g.

    my = new Object();
  3. Hmm, that sounds intriguing. How can I use the buffer event? I looked in the docs but couldn't find anything about it?

    Does that also work if I am partially within the buffer. e.g. bufferSize =...
  4. Hey guys,

    I am currently in the middle of integrating a carousel that needs to load external items - the URL for these items I'm getting from a datastore. I then pre-populate the first 9 items...
  5. Hi,

    I need to call a function I have written and that is located within 'launch' of the touch app. I know how to fire javascript functions via Objective-C but the problem I am facing is I don't...
  6. Hi,

    I had a look in the docu but couldn't find anything related to that. Is it possible to somehow easily remove by default all the text that .e.g Last Updated etc. from the component and center...
  7. Hi,

    I have an issue with the swipe left & right. When swiping horizontally it the threshold is quite narrow. What would I have to override there to extend it more along the y-axis?

    some users...
  8. OK, is there a guide somewhere on how to do this?

  9. Hi,

    I integrated a card layout with a reveal animation but would like to add a bounce animation so that the user knows he reached the beginning or end of the 'slideshow'. Is this possible? I tried...
  10. great thanks - so I guess the best approach is to create a card layout and add panels that point to th divs via contentEl dynamically right?

    How would I add the swipe left/right to the layout -...
  11. Hey guys,

    This is probably a simple issue but can't figure it out.

    I want to switch through different divs either via a carousel or card layout and apply different animations to it besides the...
  12. I saw that the store has a method _autoSort: true and I suspect this is the problem. Is there a possiblity to disable any kind of auto behaviour to avoid issues like this?

  13. Yeah I saw that.. everything is put into a div with the class "x-container". Is it possible to overwrite that and change it to something else dynamically?
  14. bump, nobody?
  15. Sorry thats my bad - it is actually only one field per sort (corrected the sample)

    So I would like to sort by distance DESC; the store type is defined as float... but it is not correctly sorted....
  16. Nobody an idea? What would be the most efficient way to manually sort the store?

  17. Would you have a quick example for that?

  18. Hi,

    Is it possible to render all components/Viewport into a specific div. I want to run an app in fullscreen mode but want to have it run from within a certain div-id to integrate it with another...
  19. No, also on the first sort it sorts the first ~20 elements correctly and then it is all mumbled. If I set the store to remote sort true and load it via the backend it is correct though.

    If I want...
  20. Hi@all,

    I am experiencing problems with sorters. I tried both defining sort directly in the store with a sorter and also to sort separately (I want to change sorting of store/list on the push of a...
  21. Hi@all,

    I need help with the standard Messagebox component. I created a customized prompt with three buttons and I would like to change the standard behaviour of that box to not automatically...
  22. Hey@all,

    I want to add an overlay e.g. a div that is positioned absolute with some message in there, but want it to follow the same 'hirachy' than normal touch elements and would like to know the...
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    Hi, I am using the Rating plugin with Sencha Touch 2.0 but would like to move up to 2.1.x. Unfortunately it throws an error when I try to run it:

    [Ext.fx.Animation] Invalid animation type of:...
  24. is there any fix for that yet. seems to be a pretty broken release with several things not working for me and I am looking for a workaround in 2.0.0 for this?

    anybody stumbled over this...
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    Is there a possiblity to add a custom icon to the textfield like the "clearIcon"?

    What I am trying to do is modify a textfield to look more in line like the list options in iOS....
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