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    So next time you get a call or email for ExtJS dev please give to them my phone number:

    +1 (502) 5917 7888

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    IMHO ExtJS is not dying but neither growing and those all tweets & calls Mitchell gets perhaps is because they need to maintain apps but ExtJS is no longer attracting new devs so no devs available.
  3. Is little more than a year since last Sencha Touch release.

    Seems abandonware to me, what do you think?

  4. That is a really bad example.
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    And cookies!

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    I just found, by chance, this thread which is alike "ExtJS alternatives..."

    Definitely ExtJS is not dying but IMHO neither growing.

    I see:

    - No new books on ExtJS
    - Less posts here.
    - Less...
  7. The problem: 5 pack.

    I have no problem on spend ~$1,300 (Sencha Pro) if I need to hire someone but not ~$6,500 for licenses I will not use.
    Another problem is when customers wants to maintain the...
  8. Even if looks very nice is a single component, worst than "less advanced" frameworks.
  9. Workaround: define store in processConfig.

    But I had to move all the store definitions from store config of the filter definition to processConfig just to be able to see the view.
  10. Hi,

    There is a problem rendering grid when you define a store in column filter:

    FWIW MD.models.State exists and the app runs without problem, seems a search path problem.

  11. The license scheme IS THE WHOLE ISSUE HERE!
    For one ExtJS is very likely that are HUNDREDS or perhaps THOUSANDS of applications on non ExtJS framework in production and been maintained.

    You are a...
  12. Because the simple fact that one-man / small shops cannot afford 5 pack licensing schema so need to look for other options, is very unlike we will find someone as nice and integrated as ExtJS but...
  13. Use processConfig.
  14. BTW I just noticed that sg707's posts and mine have a negative voting, seems that there is some blind zealot among us.

    now is -2 so are blind zealots.
  15. I'm learning Angular 1.x now (yes, I know that 2 is near...) so I will write an app with DevExtreme to see how hard could be.

    I love ExtJS and Sencha Architect (I wrote all my ExtJS apps -except...

    Haven't had much time to try it but looks complete, not too hard to use for AngularJS / Knockout developers (I'm not...) and far cheaper than ExtJS, not because the price...
  17. Yes.
    How I do that?

  18. The application itself was coded in JS so is not too much work as you may image.

    JS is a first class citizen language since some years ago, not longer to make html "little interactive" as is was...
  19. I'm experimenting over graph package overriding some classes's methods and noticed that when you remove an override from the project it is not marked (the project) as "dirty" (needed to be saved).
  20. I have a problem with graph package which is easier to show than explain:


    The label is defined as:

    label: {
    field: 'calls',
  21. Bar series renderer bad signature on ExtJS 6.x project.

    Generated (as 4.x):

    renderer: function(sprite, record, attributes, index, store) ...

    Should be:

    renderer: function(sprite, config,...
  22. Ajax is first descendant of Server & father of Rest so if you want to easily maintain with SA create the override: right click on "Ajax Proxy" > "Create override for this class" then add config:
  23. AFAK to override initial values you must override that value in config object:

    override: "...",
    config {
    timeout: 90000
  24. Which one?

    In the mean time I think you can update your workspace's SDK (/ext) directory with cmd.

  25. I prepared a self contained (includes the libs & classic theme) Sencha Architect 3.5 / ExtJS 6.x project which just starts an empty desktop.

    The "magic" is the override on app's init() method.
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