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  1. I am using GXT 3.0.0b, but will upgrade in order to fix the bug.
    Thank you.
  2. Is there a temporary fix for the bug which I can use ?
  3. Hello,

    The Window component that I use has Resizable flag set to false but the resize cursor on the edges still appear. Is there any way to change the cursor to normal ?
    I am using Sencha GXT 3,...
  4. Hi,

    As Colin mentions, it's a defect in GWT 2.5 that google fixed, and will be released in 2.5.1.

    A quick fix is to add GWTBridge to your project. Add this in your project:

  5. Hi all,

    After searching on the web, on the same thread you posted from Google Groups, this is the easiest workaround, just add this to your GWT.XML:

    <!-- TEMP FIX UNTIL GOING TO GWT 2.5 -->...
  6. Hi sven,

    We cannot wait for GWT or Chrome team to fix this. As we have a product released, that uses animations and as soon as Chrome will auto-update for our customers, incidents will start...
  7. Hi guys,

    Google just released Chrome 24 with this defect inside.

    So anyone with chrome (which is auto-updating), will see forever going animations in GXT.

    So grab a standard Chrome, or...
  8. Hi Colin,

    Thanks for the time invested to investigate this and answer back.

    Let's hope that the Chrome team will fix this before a release :).

  9. Hi,

    If you try to run the Fx Slide In / Out any other Fx, it keeps going on forever:

    Get Chrome beta from here:...
  10. +1

    Waiting for a fix. Even if the workaround is easy :)
  11. Hi all,

    I have some GXT 3.0 components, to which I add content in their constructor, however, this content is not visible on the UI. Or in some case it doesn't fill the whole area, even is I use...
  12. as you can see in the local paging example, you have to use remote sort:

    // add paging support for a local collection of models
  13. Hi!

    i got it to work with the searchResultItem in the previous example, but i realized it was too slow and I moved on to server side paging.

    The searchResultItem class is a POJO that just...
  14. Do you use the paging toolbar also?

    final PagingToolBar toolBar = new PagingToolBar(10);

    loader.load(0, 10);

    If you don't that may be...
  15. You don't need the reader when working with memory proxy.

    Just remove it and see if it works.

    If not, try making your store like: ListStore<AccountBean>. (if your bean îs built in a certain...
  16. Hi!

    The local paging did work the way it was described, but, the local in it means I had to bring all the results in the browser's memory, so that only saved me rendering time, but the memory that...
  17. Since this is a "local" paging, you can get the results like you normally did, then create the paging grid using the data that you RPC Call returns.

    Something like:

    service.getData ( ......
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