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  1. Ok,

    It's seem that was the work path in the ubuntu's launcher.

    the work path was blank :(

    Now it s working.

    Thank you for your guidness ~o)
  2. Ok,

    Open SA 35
    created a new empty project Extjs 4.2.x
    Saving the project
    creating a panel
    In Theme conf panel, changing body background-color (by selecting a color in the right area)
  3. Hi,

    this is it

    Also, the compiled theme create a directory naming '~/false/ext-theme-neptune/build' :s:-/
  4. Hi and thank you for answer.

    Im on ubuntu 14.04 / 15.10
    I'm on a extjs 4.2 project, ruby 1.9 (trying 2.1 too), compass and else.

    I tested it on a blank project (5.1.x and 6.x). it's the...
  5. Hi all,

    Error When auto-compiling theme in SA 3.5,


    So, i need your help about this error.
  6. Hi all,+1,Same problem here.
  7. +1
    I'm on ubuntu 14.04 LTS + A 3.2 , and i have the same issue.
    Is there any solution for solving that issue?
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    +1 :(
  9. Hi there,

    I just want test a basic example in sencha menu (create), When build the app, the index.html is unlike in the past.
    Some code javascript that describe up in the index.html. 8-|

    It s...
  10. This is how i fix it : <br>

    > cd /lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/
    sudo ln -sf
  11. Can't launch Sencha Architect on ubuntu 13.10 64 bitsError mesage :
    error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory
  12. +1,
    Same here
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    +1 de Fort-de-france Martinique
  14. Hi,

    Version 1.5.2 is not working on SA3. Only 1.6.0 RC1 works.
  15. Hi there,

    I try to integrate Extensible in SA3 but , it s seem i don't know how to do it.

    May be someone help me please ?

  16. Hi all,I'm looking for the same way ....there is one thing i can't understand, is when i supposed to use 'packages' directory ?
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    I ll wating
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    Hi all,

    Why i can't see "build android App, build IOS app, etc ..." in Build bouton ?

    This is what i have :

    I'm on ubuntu 13.10 64 / Android SDK / eclipse / i have my licence for...
  19. Hi there

    Finally , when i install chrome on it (depends on libudev0 (>= 147)), it start like a sharm .

    link to fix it (for 64 bits) .
  20. Hi all,
    I've updated on ubuntu 13.04, install architect 2.21 and it can't play on it.
    Witch version of java i need for ?
    Or may be something else ?

    i install open jdk 7 ....

    Sorry for my bad...
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    Hi all,
    That s ok for now.
    I'm using sencha architect and ckeditor 4. Works perfectly ....
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    Hi all,
    Can someone give me a simple sample to integrate cke please ?

    Thank in advance.

    I'm french
  23. Thank Scott.
    Dont work for me, but i just try the override width : * var off=2
  24. How to fix that ?

    Same problem here (commercial version)
  25. bonjour,

    peux tu m'envoyer la source de ce magnifique projet
    Cela me servira de base pour mon apprentissage
    rmc_dan at yahoo fr
    Merci d'avance
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