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  1. hm, when i do this, firebug tells me "Ext.getCmp("button_login") is undefined". i think the problem is that the button doesnt even exist at this time. because i create the window object, and in there...
  2. hello!

    what i want to do is simple, and i think somebody got that problem before, but i didnt have found that specific problem in forum.

    oke, the thing is that i want to build window (works)...
  3. Then just do ["", " "]?
  4. thanks saki, you have told me that once again, but it doesnt work. the checkHandler is fired although.

    somebody told me to set the checkchange to false, but i cant get it to set it to true again...
  5. hey guys, hey jack!

    After days of searching and working around, i cant find an easy method to prevent my CheckItem in Menu from firing the handler when i dynamicly call the setChecked method.
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    yeah right, its not possible to let them users select a folder or multiple files. only thing its possible is that the user can choose ONE file from file-upload dialog from input type='file'.
  7. right, i totaly approve what animal say. the problem is not the incomplete api-documentation, the problem is that you dont know enough about javascript. for the most people, javascript is just a few...
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    yep, second that what brian suggested.
  9. i dont know if quicktips support lists, what i know is that ext overrides the most default-html tags in his ext-all.css, like ol and ul for example. maybe thats the reason why it is not showed...
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    another thing is, if you select the mophilaw-picture from website-links dialog, the linked site seems not to be the correct one. i only get some desultorily characters.

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    yeah, a test-account would be nice, not everyone wants to register if just looking at your work.

    and as bernard said, its way too long to load the page, you should do something on the...
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    theres only one answer to your questions... YES! yes, this all can be done! ;)
  13. hey trbs :)

    what about the methods indexOf(), lastIndexOf() and forEach()? those methods are too just mozilla defined, from the javascript-interpreter 1.6 since firefox 1.5.

    would be nice you...
  14. ive found a solution, blaze-x show me the way...

    i do set my item by = {checkchange: false} to not listen to change event, and then after that i can ser...
  15. thanks saki, but it doesnt work too. if set both params of setChecked to true, but it still fires the handler of my CheckItem. hm...
    I think docs just say that it prevents the checkchange event from...
  16. hey guys!

    i have a menu item which have submenu checkitems. now i pre-set one of this items as checked, dynamicly through another event. but when i set it checked through .setChecked() method, the...
  17. np ;)
  18. good evening!

    to solve the bug in ext dependency builder example, when you click at (+) 'Option', these lines should be updated:

    // add option handler
    function addOption(){
  19. :)would be nice :) allways ready for learning new programing technices
  20. I AM intrested why! could you explain me the advantage of the way you write your commas? would be nice :)

    nice evening
  21. Yeah, i agree animal :) ideas are allways good, but we never should loose the respect for that hard work this guys are doing, thats what i ment.

    have a nice day everybody
  22. whats up with you?! you cant say, hey jack i need this or those, jack is working hard on his thing, like we others do too, and you should be happy with that what jack is developing, or did you knew...
  23. Awesome work jack, as allways! :)

    i second that suggestion of thesilentman to get a lil preview for what will happen or be released in the next few weeks/months, so that iam able to plan a lil...
  24. hey!

    would be good if you post any error message, some code and some description about your folder/file structure, your php-version and anything else that could be usefull to help you.

    How to...
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    yeah that was the problem! :)

    i wanna say a BIG THANK YOU, i was looking around for hours and asking ppl and try and try... now i make a forum post, you answer me quickly in about a minute and...
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