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  1. Hi,

    I am using ExtJS 4.0.2 and I am seeing performance issues with IE.. Now when I load my home page it renders / loads after few seconds; now during this time I would like to show LoadMask to...
  2. Hi mitchellsimoens,

    Thanks a lot. I really appreciate your help

    It worked like a charm.

  3. Hi There,

    I want to have loadMask while my tree panel is rendering.

    I have not assigned the store to tree panel; I am creating the node on tree render event in my controller.

    It seems, As I...
  4. Hi There,

    In a scenario, I am passing my form values on 'Search' button click to store, and on the basis of those values my grids are getting populated.

  5. Hi There,

    After looking the docs and some more references, I have modified my code, now the json response is like below

  6. Hi There,

    I am trying to make the tree using TreeStore,

    Tree Store

    Ext.define('Custom.TreeStore', {
    extend: '',
    model: 'custommodel.TreeModel',
    proxy: {
  7. Replies
    Hi There,

    I want to show popup window on cell click.

    In ExtJS 3, I used to write the same as mentioned below

    {text: 'Name', dataIndex: 'name', flex: 1, id:'name',renderer:...
  8. That really helped.

    Thanks a lot.

  9. Hi Guys,

    I am trying to use the portal example in my application. When I use the way it is given in example it works fine.

    But when I use this with app.js; it gives me "namespace is not...
  10. Hi Guys, <br><br>I am trying to use the portal example in my application. When I use the way it is given in example it works fine.&nbsp; <br><br>But when I use this with app.js; it gives me...
  11. Thanks a lot, Steffen. It really helped.

  12. Hi There,

    Can we use ExtJS 3.2.1 Stores in ExtJS 4 charts? If yes, then Can you please give me example for the same.?

    I tried to use ExtJS 3.2.1 Store (created using dwr) in ExtJS 4 charts; but...
  13. I don't see something like legendRenderer in APIs, though I saw some post where I found suggestions for using legendRenderer. I tried this option too but no luck.

    I will really appreciate if...
  14. Hi Guys,

    I have made one grouped bar chart. It's working fine. But it shows the default text in legend. This text is my yField in Series.

    series: [{
    yField: ['data1','data2']

  15. I have tried to make the charts according to the example given by kavih7, but I didn't get success yet.
    1. I don't have "ext-core-sandbox-debug.js" file; can you please tell me where can I find...
  16. Hi Guys,

    I am new to ExtJS.

    I need to use ExtJS 4 charts in ExtJS 3.2.1; I saw in one thread that I can't do so; but when I see this thread it seems it's doable.

    I tried to look at the...
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