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  1. take a look at these
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    any news on this?
  3. This is how it works for me now

    hope it helps

    Ext.define('MyModel2', {
    extend: '',
  4. im also intrested to know for extjs4.0.7 please
  5. sorry
    cache issue

    scroll solved on tree :)

    but seems no effect on the truncated nodes :(
  6. for now i dont have a lot of overrides in my app so i just insert it irectly above the code concerned
    but FrameworkFixes.js file is a good idea :)

    as i said im trying it on a tree,it works for...
  7. you are talking about the fix of Zadneram right ?
    i added it to my tree script but it didnt do anything :(
    im also using 4.0.7
    anything im missing??
  8. any update on this bug please?
    i also have the same problem in 4.0.7
  9. thank you
    im still using 4.0.7 can't upgrade for 4.1beta1 now
    is there any fix or workaround for this issue?

    thanks in advance
  10. an update on this bug please???
  11. i have the same issue
    i tried
    to add this on series
    style: { size:8}
    but its not working
    im out of ideas plz help
  12. hi all,
    does this work in extjs4 ? i have the same problem as esparqui
    can u plz help me
  13. up
    maybe someone can asnswer this
    im intrested too
  14. how to do it on server side using ITextSharp ?
  15. thank you
    have found a simpler solution :

    Ext.MessageBox.defaultButton = 2;{....
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    few weeks to get the pr2!!OMG
    so when can we expect the final 4.1??

    if thats true that will screw our whole project..all efforts and time spent in it so that we wouldnt be able to launch in time!...
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    any updates yet?!!

    this is taking too long!
  18. what if i just want to change the focus from "yes" to "no" ?
  19. when is the 4.1 going to be released?
  20. not fixed in 4.0.7 !!!
    this is a very bad bug why it still not fixed untill now?!
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    thank you soo much
    i didnt expect an answer and definitely not so soon
    thank you

    i tried ur code, it does reload the tree but it gives me an empty tree (im not using mvc)
    this is what i used...
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    did u find out how to do this?
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    actually im trying to do the same :p
    but for now i can only change the text but cant refresh my chart/panel so its shown

    here is how i do it hope it helps
    i want to read the title from my store...
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    Since Ext.chart.Chart is an Ext.draw.Component, you can add sprites as items of it. Try to use this:

    Ext.create('Ext.chart.Chart', {
    default chart settings here


    items: [{
  25. at the top f this thread it still says its fixed?!
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