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    Ext version tested:
    Ext 4.1.1a, Ext 4.2.0 (beta)

    Browser versions tested against:
    FF 17.0.1 (firebug 1.11.0 installed)

  2. No's all about sharing the others can understand and build better apps.

    Thought I should add a couple of important caveats ! (see original post)

    @Sencha Team....Keep...
  3. This is a very simple plugin to satisfy my initial requirement...and here is my requirement:

    provide an Action Column to delete a selected row

    provide a clickable image in the column header...
  4. Hi Rich,

    This does function exactly how I want it....the issue is the build process does not support it. Also, the inclusion of a query string with a URL is valid construct that anyone may want to...
  5. I am using with php. I need to include the api.php script and I also need to pass a query string as part of the url.

    I have included the url in my app.json as shown...
  6. I'm rather new to Ext and JavaScript (C & C++ Builder background). However I am enjoying learning and using Ext (great framework by team and supporting developers) and this is my first...
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    Not to worry...I figured out...easy when you know...;)
    ...for fellow newbies....
    simply add the config option...

    fieldLabel : 'First name',
    allowBlank :...
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    I am new ExtJs and would like to use this plugin.
    Please provide example of how to use.
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    Looks great. Can you send me an invite at
    Thank you
  10. I am a newbie to EXTJs and would like to use it. Very interested in approach MVC. How can I show the MyEditWindow. You have the code "the call to create the edit window" but it is incomplete.
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