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    Release Notes for Sencha Touch 2.3.1Release Notes: Release Notes: November 4, 2013
    Version Number: 2.3.1

    Enhancements and Changes
    This build includes the Tizen 2.2 theme with both a Dark and...
  2. It seems there have been some changes when it comes to Sencha Touch Care/Support, but since different pages give us different information and since I can't find any announcement, I don't know what to...
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    If ultimately this will be run on the desktop, I think it would be great if we could package tests in order to distribute them. The next step would be to be able to load tests from a repository which...
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    Things have completely changed for 2.2. Read the doc.
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    This works as intended, neither "bookmarks" nor "organize" are part of the Pictos font.

    Try "favorites" instead of "bookmarks".
  6. No biggie, but all the notes in for 2013 are wrong and are showing 2012 instead.
  7. I think you should file this a separate request. It won't be fixed for the final release tomorrow, but hopefully a solution will be provided shortly.
  8. I've upgraded to and the way things are merged are worse in my opinion. With a previous version of cmd, we were left with two files, the old one and the new one which was freshly generated....
  9. From the 2.2 documentation, use to create your icon fonts. pictos-iconmask has been binned.
  10. Here are all the icons:
    Save the picture in your SDK doc folder for easy access.

    And regarding the inclusion of your own icons, you have to install a software which can...
  11. I see the same behaviour on 2.2b1.
    Tested on a Dev Alpha A.
  12. Yes, that's the component I've been using, but it disappeared in 2.2b1. Would be great if someone could let us know if it was an accident or what does Sencha plan on doing regarding OS components.
  13. From the release notes:

    There is no sign of Crosscut.js anywhere.
    Ext.Sheet has a "widget.crosscut" alias, but that component offers nowhere near what's required to make the component behave like...
  14. I wanted to upgrade my Sencha Touch SDK to 2.2b1, so I did a
    > sencha app upgrade <SDK>
    and the script tried to merge the basic app.js skeleton with my app.js which is totally different since it's...
  15. Will do! :)
  16. Sencha Touch version tested:

    OS tested against:

    BlackBerry 10
    DOCTYPE tested against:

  17. I need to "reveal" an off-screen toolbar and while looking for solutions, I ran into a serious performance issue when using Ext.Animator vs what you can get by simply using draggable. It's similar in...
  18. Yes, all the methods of the super class which are specific to that profile.

    Per example, View1 had a onItemSwipe method which Child1 and Child2 were calling.
    Now onItemSwipe has been implemented...
  19. The current icon mixin in the base theme in 2.2 takes only 1 argument, the name, and automatically generates icons for .x-tab and .x-button.

    The problem is that some themes will have extra...
  20. Let's say I have the following views:

    Child views extend View1.
    Now I need to introduce profiles for both View1 and Child1 and things will look like this:
  21. This should do in the mean time:

    // target is the ListItem that you want to modify
    var clsList = target.getCls().slice(),
    clsToCheck = "my-css";

    if (clsList.indexOf(clsToCheck) == -1) {...
  22. Ext.dataview.component.ListItem has both addCls and removeCls, it only makes sense to also have hasCls.
  23. While we wait, this might work for some of you. Edit your build-impl.xml and add this:

    <target name="-after-page">
    <equals arg1="${args.environment}"
  24. When building an app, we already have pre and post hooks for building the "page" and the css, but it would be useful to be able to intervene during the compilation process since it includes several...
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    The simplest way would be to invoke the browser, using a special posting URL with the content encoded in a variable.
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