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  1. Disabled buttons are not skipped when you navigate with TAB key in 4.2.0 and latter.
    In 4.1.3, these buttons are skipped.

    In the Ext.button.Button 4.2.0 doc page, paste the code below...
  2. Thanks renku for your comprehensive answer.
    Look good to me, waiting Windows binary to give it a try.
  3. Hi renku,
    Thanks for your amazing works in JSDuck, a truly great piece of software.
    I've a question regarding the new JSDuck 5:
    We currently use the JSON files generated by JSDuck on ExtJS 4.2...
  4. Using the
    maximized: true config trigger an error if a Window doesn't have a header.
    This is basic coorection (in red):

    Ext.define('Ext.window.Window', {
    maximize: function(animate) {...
  5. I noticed these problems after upgrading my 3.10.5 version of jsduck to 4.0.0
    Don't know if latest 3.x version had the same behavior.

    Thanks for your quick reply.
  6. Hi,
    Just tried the new version 4.0 and have some trouble with method wrongly becoming property.

  7. Replies
    Sencha's silence about ExtJS 4.1 beta is worrying...
    We have set aside some part of our current project (grid, layout) waiting for ExtJS 4.1 because there are too many issues with the current 4.07,...
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