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    Greetings. I am currently in the process of upgrading one of our applications from ExtJS3 to ExtJS5. One of the components of concern is the Ext.ux.form.MetaForm class - ...
  2. Thank you for the help. I was able to get the attached files going.
    My original issue was CSS related as I forgot to include the fileuploadfield.css file.

    Here is the code to generate what I have...
  3. Having some trouble with the FileUploadField. I understand from the documentation that it is dynamically created from a BasicForm/Panel if the property of fileupload is set to 'true'. What I would...
  4. I do not understand the question. When I am not in 'Edit' mode, I do nothing. I want the combobox field to be rendered as a textfield when I am not in 'Edit' (which it currently does). When I added...
  5. Greetings. I have a question to ask about a combo box.

    Combo Box code:

    new Ext.form.ComboBox({
    isEditable: true,
  6. Thank you. This seems to work...

    var selected = function(); // I have a function that searched for the node the user selected and returns it
  7. Good day. I am having an issue with redrawing a tree where a selected node has been moved to a new location.

    I currently use a JsonStore to make my treepanel. I chose this versus a TreeLoader...
  8. References looked at before posting question:
  9. Thanks again. Scott.

    I was foolish. I thought that the issue was with my Observable but I believe it is in my call.

    Ext.onReady( function()
    //Polling Manager
  10. Thanks Scott.

    I tried your suggestion and I am still receiving the same error.Looking at the source code example helped but I am still trying to understand what I may be missing.
  11. Good day all. I am trying to create a custom event that would be used by TaskManager to fire after a specified interval. I have created an extension from the Observable class but I am not able to get...
  12. Hello everyone. I tried to do some research on how to bubble an event from the Store and I came across this thread from the EstJS 4 forum -...
  13. Thank you.

    After making the change, I was able to get it to work (sort of). I am having a few issues. I am trying to test different cases and display the appropriate case for the number of...
  14. Greetings. I have a ListView with three columns. In one of the columns, I wish to display an image(gumball) based on different statii (failed, good etc). Based on the status, I would display the...
  15. The fields have

    background-color: #FFFFFF
    background-image: none

    I have tried to modify the background using but to no avail.
  16. Hello all. I am trying to add a background image to a form to indicate that the data the user is looking is stale. I am able to produce the image, however I am not able to get around a few issues.
  17. Hello and good day.

    I have a JSP files that contains a Viewport for displaying information.

    var diagnosticTextArea;
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    I have looked at the API and search the forums to find a way to create a dynamic field set by changing the text of the field set and adding/removing an item. These actions would be...
  19. I am currently using a TextArea in a Viewport to display diagnostic information. The string that is returned in the response has the format of a grid. However, when I set the TextArea to display this...
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    I figured out that you can only have the execute() method in an action class. Once I removed the method I wanted to call from my JSP, it worked.

    Thanks people.
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    Morning. I will try to make my issue as clear and concise as possible.<br><br>On my JSP, I am having an issues with both the 'autoLoad' option and my 'Refresh' button calling the same action class...
  22. I have a form with one ComboBox and four fields. Depending on what optoin the user selects from the Combo Box, I need to make the other fields non-editable and still sed that data.
    Here is my...
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    Hello. I am a n00b so please forgive me. I tried looking for an example of what i wish to accomplish. I have included two images with this post. The before.jpg is what this code produces. The...
  24. I have two combo boxes: combo1 (two options) and combo2 (list of options). I wish to create a listener between linking the boxes so that when a user highlights a particular option in combo1, combo2...
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    What I am trying to do is create a popup window appear with a different label corresponding to the button pressed.

    This is the default setting for the popup

    var editableForm = new...
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