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  1. I can confirm that the checkbox was present in all the beta releases up to at least RC1. It vanished with either the RC2 or final release.
  2. GXT 3.0 Public Release

    When CellSelectionModel is used as the selection model for a Grouped Grid, the expand and collapse functionality becomes in operative.

    (CellSelectionModel appears to set...
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    I am also experiencing this issue. Can anyone confirm if the option to display a select/deselect all checkbox in a grid header has been moved or removed?
  4. Looking at the source it seems that the event is created but never fired...


    public void startEditing(final GridCell cell) {
    ignoreBlur = false;
  5. From :

    * Returns the field's minimum value.
    * @return the minimum value
    public Date getMinValue() {
    if (minDateValidator != null) {
  6. Thanks for the reply, unfortunately I need to use a TreeGrid not a Tree.

    Actually, I would happily use a Tree but I also need it to be editable and can't find any way to make an editable Tree.
  7. I can't find any way to intercept expand and collapse events for the TreeGrid... am I missing something or is this just not supported?

  8. Looks like you need to implement an IconProvider and pass it to the Tree.
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