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  1. Using Sencha Cmd ( with Sencha Touch (2.2.1) has been one frustration after another.

    All I want from Sencha Cmd is an app.js (includes all javascript in the proper order and is...
  2. Try setting com.sun.jersey.config.feature.Trace to true in your jersey servlet or filter configuration. It sets a bunch of debug HTTP response headers. Take a look at the HTTP headers the ExtJS...
  3. This is still a bug in Sencha Cmd v3.0.2.288. The active tab images for legacy browsers are incorrectly generated.
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    I needed a faster way in ExtJS 4.1 to expand and collapse all the nodes in a large tree. The following method is much faster than calling tree.expandAll() and tree.collapseAll(). Be aware this will...

    Ext version tested:
    Ext 4.1.3

    Ext.enableFx should control the Ext.tree.Panel.enableAnimations config property. It does not

  6. Bump. This is still a problem in 4.1.3 and 4.2-beta2. ExtJS does not currently support dropping a tree node into a container.
  7. Here are various notes I've collected on upgrading our application from Ext3.3 to Ext4.1. The application is about 60,000 lines of javascript. I first tried using the compatibility layer but our...
  8. The "rec" variable and its Model class is still valid after removing the link in ModelManager. It's just no longer tracked by ModelManager. As it stands now it's quite simple to create a leak without...
  9. My application creates quite a few objects which get stored in Ext.ModelManager.types object. These references are never getting removed once the model is no longer used.
  10. This worked for me, in the grid's itemcontextmenu listener:

    var view = grid.getView();
    var cellNode = e.getTarget(view.cellSelector);
    var header = view.getHeaderByCell(cellNode);
    var column...
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    Possibly something like:

    Ext.each(fieldset.query('field'), function(field) {
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    But the forums make it difficult to find outstanding bugs. Even a read-only view of Jira would be better than the existing forums for finding bugs.
  13. What's the license?
  14. Looks like this is the original chrome bug:

    But it appears both webkit and chrome reverted the changes.
  15. XTemplate has the same problem

    re : /\{([\w-\.\#]+)(?:\:([\w\.]*)(?:\((.*?)?\))?)?(\s?[\+\-\*\\]\s?[\d\.\+\-\*\\\(\)]+)?\}/g,
  16. var desc = this.dir && this.dir.toLowerCase() == 'desc',
    prop = || 'text';
    sortType = this.sortType;
    folderSort = this.folderSort;
    caseSensitive =...
  17. Do you use beginEdit/endEdit around record updates? How about suspendEvents/resumeEvents around store?

    foreach (json) {
    var record = findRecord();
  18. Ext.getCmp is similar to using a global variable and all its associated problems.
  19. Once you load the data you can use formpanel.getForm().loadRecord or formpanel.getForm().setValues to set the field values. No need to do the lookup of the fields yourself.
  21. Ext.onReady(stapler);

    You pass a reference to the stapler function to onReady, not the result of stapler().
  22. How is that hacky? It's a simple registration system to track all the modules. In my case each module has more than an init function. It also has various methods to deal with lifecycle type issues...
  23. Yes. In our case I have written a simple module manager with a register function. Each module is contained in a separate js file (all the js files are minimized for production) and calls the...
  24. You could profile it in firebug and see if anything odd sticks out.
  25. Change your listeners to something like (notice the 3rd argument for the scope):

    gridIdw.on('cellclick', this.cellClick, this);

    And move the cellClick function into your module.
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