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    This bug filed against 3.0.0 RC is still present in 3.0.1
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    The final release (gxt-3.0.0-GPL) suffers this defect as well.

    While implementing it as suggested (!before.isCanceled()) does work, more fundamentally, it doesn't seem that the
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    Thanks for your help. It's ok now.

    It turns out that in refactoring some models to upgrade to GXT3 I introduced some errors that eclipse didn't flag but that choked the GWT compiler.

    FWIW, the...
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    What might the error below be telling me? Is it my improper usage of GXT? Might there be an bug someplace in gxt3 rc2? I see no errors in eclipse but when I try to compile the project, it...
  5. So how do we migtrate?

    Specificially I need to create an AppEvent with the constructor AppEvent(GwtEvent.Type<?> type)

    I just don't get, even after carefully reading the javadocs, searching...
  6. What has happened to com.extjs.gxt.ui.client.Registry???:-/

    It is not in the release notes:-?
    It is not in the migration guide:-?
    It is not in the intro to gxt3:-?

    Did it just...
  7. This has to be a bug:

    FormPanel testForm;
    testForm= new FormPanel();

    TextField<String> TEST= new TextField<String>();
    TEST.setId("TEST123:-6");// "TEST" works fine
  8. Anyway, this worked...

    junk implements IsSerializable
  9. Hi,

    Why does "junk" fail but "order" work below? They are both of type LinkedList<long[]>.

    public class Sample extends BaseModel {

    class junk{
    LinkedList<long[]> test=new...
  10. Hi,

    Why might I be seeing an error like this when calling layout() on a content panel? (TypeError): Result of expression...
  11. Tried and failed. The data is complicated so I gave up after finding a work around.

    It's weird -- really weird. Here are the types of classes:

    ClassOne implements serializable
  12. Why do I see this NPE which causes my RPC call to fail? :((:((

    What makes this inexplicable is that RpcMap initializes the map with:

    private transient FastMap<Object> map = new...
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    I recently deployed to Google App Engine where I found code that ran on the development server hung.

    It was a simple work around as I was using code splitting via runAsync to initialize...
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    How can we do that? I just want the dirty triangle to appear when the bound field loses focus.

    I tried extending FieldBinding and adding a listener to the constructor but it has no effect.

  15. Did you try the suggestion from tortexty?

    Layout junk = new AnchorLayout();

    That seems consistent with what I experienced (error when layout not used soon...
  16. I use Gxt2.1 in Gwt2.0 fine (Code Splitting and all)

    Anyway, for your example:

    FAILURE - at beginning of onModuleLoad [Invalid memory access of location 0x8 eip=0x4a8aeb] (my stack trace in...
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    Did you look at the api?


    Look for the DatePicker and then scroll through. There is a Nested Class Summary
    which had a link to...
  18. How can I make a RFE or find a work around to allow for multiple forms -- i.e., I want more than one FormBinding?

    How can I work around
    formBindings.setStore((Store) grid.getStore());
    to allow...
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    I don't think it has anything to do with the code itself.

    [ERROR] Line 10: The import ms.webclient.ui.HoverText cannot be resolved

    Your class is not being found. You have to get it on the...
  20. How can I use a grid to display and edit data that may be different for each row.


    class Country
    String name
    int government_type

    Depending on government_type I want to show and...
  21. For real server pushed I use Comet. Well, the dwr implementation at least.

    It's not GWT-RPC, and I don't know if it's the best way but I am comfortable using dwr and the way I can secure it with...
  22. OK, I set my content panel to have a fit layout:

    panel1.setLayout(new FitLayout());

    Still, it doesn't render fully.

    It renders more but it always stops just about the place where...
  23. Hi,

    I don't know your solution exactly but ... experienced something similar.

    Did you try:

  24. Hi,

    If I have a small window, my Html layer will only render up to the size of the window. If I resize the window (bigger), there is much unrendered blank space where the rest of a picture...
  25. This works fine for firefox:

    GXT.setDefaultTheme(Slate.SLATE, true);

    Safari (Version 4 Public Beta) running the same code displays the light blue...
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