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  1. I'm not the OP but this post literally saved my life.

    I was generating my second sencha touch application (the first one did just fine) with Sencha Tools SDK, when a weird non descriptive error...
  2. Same problem here ¿Any idea?
  3. In my case, the icons are blank in buttons, not in a tabbar, what is the css for fix button icons?

  4. I dont have a storeId in the store neither, and i have lists with with strings in the store config long i have the store referenced in the stores section of my app.js...
  5. or if u can zip the app and post it here, i can try to run it
  6. 2 random thoughts.

    try without the "/" in users.json

    and try this
  7. one thing that worked for me is moving the phonegap link in index.html after
  8. Happening to me too, works fine in Chrome and Safari (Windows 7), but in safari for IOS white screen, no console errors
  9. I have just that before but doesnt seems to work

    EDIT: My fault, it works, i had a controller with a lots of functions and i was testing against another picker. :S. Sorry for wasting...
  10. Hi, im doing this to show a picker.

    var picker = Ext.create('Ext.Picker', {
  11. Thanks!, working now.
  12. In pr3,when ihad two buttons in a listview item to capture the click on each button this worked ok

    onItemTap :
    function(dataView, index, item, evt) {

  13. I answer myself:

    Seems that app-all.js includes all-classes.js AND app.js, so if i use it, i must remove the reference to app.js from my index.html

    I didnt see that in the build your app guide...
  14. Hi, im building my app and trying to include the app-all.js generated in the build process.

    Version is ST2 Beta 3

    with the all-classes.js all is fine, but when i change it to the app-all.js...
  15. Exact same problem here.

    In my case i'm using Sqliteproxy and the problem is the creation of the database connection i think.
    Still figuring out how to solve it.

    Are u using this proxy?
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    In the previous Sqliteproxy, when u loaded a store with custom sql, (which contains custom fields that were not in the model of the store) the store loaded with the custom fields at the end. Now with...
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    Yes, i'm using sencha-touch-debug-all.js in development. I'm gonna test your approach and will update the thread with the results later
  18. There is a moment when my application is loading that i can see the buttons on the main screen but they are not responding. I think the stores are still loading in background.

    How do i know when...
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    I use

    store.load(function(records, operation, success) {
    alert('store loaded');
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    Im following the guides with some issues.

    I created the jsb3 and the build for my application [Sencha Touch 2 PR3]

    the documentation says

    "This final command takes all of the files listed...
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    I don't know if there is a way from a Sencha Touch application to

    1- read a QR code
    2. Redirect to a view inside the application depending on this QR code.

    The first one i assume can...
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    I'm gonna read the guides, thanks!
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    I have almost finished my first Sencha Touch 2 application, and i'm planning the deployment of it.

    First of all, what is the best way to compress / merge the javascripts of my application...
  24. Ok, works now.

    The trick is overriding the css property

    and keeping the text without </br> (the text is insede an span in the button).
  25. Thanks, it's working now.

    This is a great advice to someone who is pretty new to web development. Web Inspector helped me a lot to see the hierarchy in the web page Sencha is generating. I...
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