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    The sample code for Ext.dd.DropZone is

    myGridPanel.on('render', function() {
    myGridPanel.dropZone = new Ext.dd.DropZone(myGridPanel.getView().scroller, {

    // If the mouse is over...
  2. Hey Sencha Forum,

    I've noticed a minor issue when loading a form in IE8. Between the form being cleared of all data, and the new data being populated, it seems that the field validators are run...
  3. No worries - just wondering if anyone had figured it out yet.

    I've managed to get it working in Ext 4 based off your changes for version 3. My code can probably can be improved though :)

  4. Any ideas as to how can this be setup in ExtJS 4 (since Ext.Editor is no longer defined)? Thanks
  5. We upgraded to the latest release and then encountered this problem (each time we loaded the store, it would do a post for every single node and then finally do a get to load the tree again). A basic...
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    In ExtJS 4 there are 2 events for the DragDrop plugin - beforedrop and drop. I've configured two trees to allow drag and drop between eachother, and have used beforedrop to reject invalid drops. But...
  7. Anyone have any ideas?
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    Any ideas?
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    Hmm that is what I'm doing, more or less (sorry, should have posted the code along with my question):

    url: "/getarea",
    params: {
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    What is the proper way to add a load mask to a form, which would trigger when the form's Load() method is called (when populating the form fields from a URL)?
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    I use the defaults property of the form to apply that single listener to all the fields (without having to write it out each time)
  12. Anyone have a good way to reject an edit? I would have returned false from validateedit() but cannot get the new value due to this bug. Is there a way to undo the change in edit (maybe write to the...
  13. Hey Sencha Forum,

    Upgrading from Ext 3 to 4 and having some issues with the drag and drop functionality for a tree panel. We need to drag from one tree to another to create a copy of that dragged...
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    Hey Sencha Forum,

    What's the best way to update an Ext.LoadMask message on the fly? When a user clicks a 'Run' button I need to show a loader that updates based on the status of the process they...
  15. Hello Sencha Forum,

    I've set up a basic tab panel using Ext JS 4.0.5 and am getting this error message in Firebug:

    Node cannot be inserted at the specified point in the hierarchy" code: "3
  16. Hey Sencha Community,

    This question has been asked before, and I had a semi-working workaround in Ext 3, but now things have fallen apart a bit after upgrading to ExtJS 4. I have a grid which...
  17. Hello Sencha Forums,

    In ExtJS 3 I had set an exception listener for a data store which performed some cleanup in the UI when no data was returned from the store's ajax call. When upgrading the...
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    For the Ext.form.field.File entry, it should mention that the server response content type must be text/html and not application/json (as described here...
  19. Ah, didn't think to check there. Maybe Sencha can update the documentation to mention that in the Ext.form.field.File entry? :) Thanks for the help
  20. Hey Sencha Community,

    Not sure if this is an known bug, but we've discovered that when a form is submitted and the server response is properly set to application/json (since the form is expecting...
  21. 27325

    Good eye! Not sure how long it would have taken me to find that...
  22. I know this question has been asked before but I'm not using a controller in my application (have retrofitted an existing Ext 3 page to use Ext 4), so I'm not sure how to implement the solution....
  23. Perfect - it is working like a charm now. Thanks for the explanation!
  24. Hello Sencha Community,

    I'm trying to dynamically change the tabs within a tab panel, which has a listener for the tabchange event, then set the active tab to the first tab. Snippets of my code:
  25. Awesome - I guess my mistake was trying to show() and hide() the panel, rather than the panel's tab. I ended up using Ext.getCmp('panelID').tab.hide().

    Thanks for the speedy response
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