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  1. Chrome have the same bug, but it only appears on zoom out, and lines between panels added on zoom in. Viewport is smaller than screen on zoom in.

    IE 8 works like chrome, but it makes viewport...
  2. If I use control+mouse scroll to zoom the page grouptabs totally broken.


    It looks like it recalculate panel sizes on each zooming, and do it wrong.

    Any chance to fix it ?
  3. Thanks a lot !
  4. I am sure this question is already in FAQ somethere, but I still can't find it.

    How to move window down if it was trolled to high up ?

    Can anyone help me please ?
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    Animal, I put your code in front of my example..
    It didn't help.

    Btw, I am using Ext 2.3, maybe it is already fixed in 3.0 , I didn't checked.

    My final application have too many...
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    Animal, thank you for your extension, but it still has one problem.

    If it combotrigger is placed in collapsed fieldsed or panel it doesn't shows on panel expand.

    Here is test code:

  7. Thank you for your extension, it works fine in all browsers except IE8.

    The edit bar is 14px lower than the trigger (Debug bar shows TOP: 14px in its styles appears from nowhere), and i can't...
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    I have tried everything posted here to change button width.
    Nothing helps. Button width not changed.

    IE shows buttons twice wider than FF.
    Does anyone have a reliable solution ?
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    Yeah, i see now, demo is working.
    Something wrong with my code probably, because it works only in compatibilty mode..
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    Thank you.

    Any chance to make it working under IE8 ?
    It do not dispalay left tabs at all.
  11. Still no solution ?

    As for me I find a perfect solution - I have upgraded my Firefox to v3 :D
    The bug disappear, form works fine.

    But if anyone will use last FF2 version on the tabbed forms...
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    I have the same problem in FF3, new windows and messages go under active window!
    I spent all day trying to change z-indexes, toFront functions and so.
    Nothing helps.

    Can anyone please suggest a...
  13. I didnt see such error, but the IE behavior was the same as you described.

    I tested your code, and now it works much more stable !

    Thank you!
  14. mirage, thank you.
    Your effort is very appreciated
  15. The module above works only with FCKeditor versions less than 2.6, I tested it, and found that it works correctly only in Opera.

    FCKEditor version 2.5 works in all browsers, but IE have a problem...
  16. kazukin6,

    Thanks a lot, this code works!
    The listing on the first page should be updated with this correct code.
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