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  1. Sorry, I realized I posted this in 2.x. I am reposting in hopes that more people will see it in the current version forum.


    I am using a list with the sortable list plugin. I am able to...
  2. Hello,

    I am using a list with the sortable list plugin. I am able to reorder the list. But, I am unable to detect or get the updated order of the list. I have yet to find away after googling...
  3. Hello,
    Thanks for your reply. Looked through all the templates. It appears to be only the "right to left" example under "Basic". I swear all of them were all like that yesterday.
  4. Please, Please Please,
    Add cut and paste to the code window! What type of serious IDE would not have it? Also, IMHO it was better in 3.0 when you clicked on a function or object in the project...
  5. Hello,
    After upgrade (Mac) templates in different language.
  6. Hello,
    After upgrade (Mac) templates in different language.
  7. Thanks Yukiozek,
    Upgrading the JDK solved the problem just as you suggested.
  8. Thanks for the reply. Because I have never had to 'build' a project before doing a test publish in architect 3.0 and because the bootstrap.css is copied and bootstrap.js is listed in the index.html,...
  9. Hello,
    I just installed 3.1 on my mac. When ever I create a new project and publish it, I get a bootstrap.js not found 404 error in the browser. Projects upgraded from 3.0 work fine. Any ideas?
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    Hello Everyone,
    I have recently switched form using mysql as a database to mongodb. In sql, as you all know, you have fixed columns that work nicely pairing with Sencha's store models. But,...
  11. Hello,
    Would someone please post a very simple Direct data project (attach a project file and php files). I have found examples for touch but not for Architect. It is a little hard to translate...
  12. Hello,
    I have never used phonegap build, so I am not sure. But, my guess is you still have not changed the actual icon file to 72 x 72 size. Telling your app to display it @ 72 px is not...
  13. Hello everyone,

    I got it working. It is not a Sencha based solution (I would still like to know of one), it works.

  14. Hello,

    I was wondering if this was possible. I have a webapp that allows the user to make a phone call using...
    window.location = 'telprompt://5552065555';... The app promps with call or cancel...
  15. Hello,
    How would one use sencha's methods for finding and retrieving a store's data when the record field contains an object? for instance, the name field in my model is set to auto. I am saving...
  16. Thanks Shepsii,

    I can verify that what you suggested fix the issue with me. My app went form 50 sec to load 312 contacts to instantly.
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    I really just need to save the ID # and associated extra qualifying data. I just thought saving the display name would be quicker than pulling it from the phone again when needed. I may...
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    I am trying to create a marketing app for iphone that uses the contacts from the user's phone. I am developing it with sencha and phonegap (cordova). I know that sencha now has a native...
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    When upgrading to touch 2.2 (via Architect) custom icons in a tab panel will not display.
    This code works in 2.1. Just a blank space where the Icon should be.


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    How would you detect a Diagonal swipe? I want to create a swipe away card action.
  21. Hello Everyone,

    I am creating a list box that has an image as a button. The problem is when a user scroll a pressed button out of view it reverts back to the orginal unpressed image defined in...
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    What you want to do is easy in Architect. Add the event listener painted. In the event code add...

    element.on('click', function() {


  23. Hello,

    I found the info in the Docs here. Thanks for the tip.
  24. Hello,
    I have read in the docs that the vertical swipe is turned off by default in touch. I need to turn it on in architect. The code that I have found for touch is...

    Ext.setup({ ...
  25. Hello,
    I am able to detect left or right swipes, but not up or down.

    { xtype: 'container',
    height: 150,
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