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  1. Is this an application that you've built with previous versions of Cmd? Perhaps you could post the first part of the List.js file?
  2. It looks like there's a suggestion on the last post of the thread with instructions for 5.x. You might try that to see if it gets you close for 6.x.

    Here also is a thread with a similar...
  3. Have you viewed the accessibility guide?

    Did you include the ext-aria package in your app.json file?...
  4. With the Chrome inspector, I'm able to open the console tool and click the Inspector button. This gives a constant inspection which you can use to hover over the 'Today' button to get the info. ...
  5. Which specific version of Ext JS are you using? I see Ext.form.field.Display.js in every version I checked.
  6. Are you trying to get this with classic or modern? You might try posting a Fiddle with what you've tried so far.
  7. I checked the Fiddle but it doesn't seem to run. Perhaps you saved more to it since you posted it?
  8. Good to know. Thanks for sharing your findings with the community.
  9. Where are you seeing the examples/ folder? Which versions of Cmd and Ext JS are you running. Which operating system and version of Java?
  10. I guess I'm not following, sorry. What is clearing the sort indicator?
  11. Great to hear that you worked it out, and thanks for sharing your solution with the rest of us.
  12. I believe that this is the way a property grid works. You can change the names so that they appear (alphabetically) in the order you desire or you can use a different kind of grid (rather than a...
  13. There's nothing build-in that I know of which enables this behavior. Perhaps you could override getState() and applyState() methods to save the expanded/collapsed state of the groups.
  14. I haven't heard of this issue. Can you please post a runnable test case so we can see what might be happening?
  15. So it works with a regular panel but not the Leaflet one? Are you talking about this?
  16. Is your application map-based? I remember there being a bug in iOS 6 regarding home screen launch. Which version of iOS and which specific version of Touch?
  17. Thanks for the report! I have opened a bug in our bug tracker.
  18. Looks like it was marked "Won't fix" a few days ago because it was found to be a bug with Chrome.
  19. Apparently this issue was closed because it was determined to be a Chrome bug.
  20. Thanks for the report. Are we talking about poorly formed XML (unmatched single quote) or a single quote which is part of the data within double quotes?
  21. Do you have an index.html created by Cmd, or does the user go to your .NET page first?
  22. Thanks for the report. I'm not sure what the reason is for the difference, but let's find out. Can you please post a test case which reproduces the error you are seeing?...
  23. The source code for just that application? Not that I know of. You'd have to download the framework to get the example code.

    Hard for me to know which version of Architect or Ext JS you...
  24. The cellWrap config affects the column's cells rather than the header.
  25. Probably so. The file field is does not inherit from Ext.button and behaves differently. You might also play around with the buttonOnly config, which might make things fit better.
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