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  1. I had simillar problem,
    Finially I found the reason for my case.

    It was related with bad usage of enums.
    I dont know from where I took the code but it was stated that enum definitions can be...
  2. Hii,
    Please look at the desired scrolling structure of our Ext.dataview.List component.
    If user start vertical scrolling we gonna scroll list component vertically and disable the horizontal...
  3. Hii,
    Is there a way to capture audio or video in mp3 format.


    returns in wav format in my iphone. (By the way, I enabled cordova.)

    In forums I found this...
  4. Do we have to packaging with cordova/phonegap to fix the image size problem in Android?
  5. Same problem I have.
    Is it related with
    destination: 'data',

    No it is not. I just test for destination:'file' too. Same problem exist.
  6. Hi I try to implement, showing mask when mouseover an item and unmask on mouseout from item.

    This is the code: (but not working)

    var wizardLogoMaskEl;
  7. Hii,
    Is there a way to handle collapsible panel expand event when user mouseovered the collapsed title?
    In that case panel expanded but not pinned.
  8. Thanks for your replay Scott,

    Actually we are searching such a tool like
    In 1 week we try to integrate clicktale to our admin system. But we faced many problems.

    So I want...
  9. Hi,

    We try to implement (or use a solution about) page visitor tracking system to our ExtJS 3.4 based admin pages.

    Do you know any tool to track user movements and taking records to simulate...
  10. What should I override of which class of which method?
  11. No need to show ellipsis on grid cell.
    I only want to show its value as qtip if value is overflow on the cell.
    I think there must be a way, since ExtJS has a good text metrics library like...
  12. Hii,
    Is there a handy "override" of Ext.grid.Column or Ext.grid.ColumnModel to achieve:
    adding tooltip for only text overflowed contents of a grid columns.

  13. Nested form tags is forbiden for many browsers,
    Therefore you need to seperate them some how.
    I move the holder div of the extJS (I used renderTo config in our solution) part under the closing form...
  14. Hii,
    I try to show form fields with rounding boxes.
    Field label: 26932

    What is the best way of doing this? I do not want to lose invalid css's.

    1- Giving BG image on: "x-form-item",...
  15. I found the problem finally.
    Related with nested forms.
    .NET root form tag problem...

    Thanks your interests
  16. I have same problem,
    I am using ExtJS 3.2.1,
    Problem is on onRender methods of components of FormPanel component which is under card layout container. ...
  17. Thanks for your reply.
    I had resolved it in different way.
    But your solution is better.
  18. Hii,
    I have a treepanel.
    I want to load all tree items once at a time and initially want to show only first level of tree data.

    I used preloadChildren:true config but I could not get a node...
  19. Thank for your help.
  20. Hii,
    Is there a way to define max height of a Ext.Window?
    And how to make sure no exceed or overflow viewport size?

  21. Hii,
    I try to achive preventing backspace auto navigation back.
    Many users may hit accidentally to backsapce button on the keybord after onblur event on the input fields.
    I write following code to...
  22. Thanks Condor, I know your extension.
    Actually I wonder how it is implemented.
    I could not see any image BG above checkboxs on ExtJS 3.2.1. But images exist on the images/default/form folder never...
  23. Hii,
    Is it possible to change default images on checkbox and radio components on ExtJS 3.2.1?

  24. Hii,
    I try to show user name exist or not on create an account.
    So I want to show validity icon on the right side of the textfield on both cases.

    Can I do this with ExtJS validation tools or do...
  25. Hii,
    I wonder to know any body have problem about ssl warning after using this component?
    Do I miss or missuse some configs?
    I add following codes before extension:

    CKEDITOR.config.baseHref =...
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