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  1. rkstar

    I'm trying it (using Safari), but Ajax.request is always 'failure' . Why can it be? I have never worked with Ajax before((
  2. And another question:

    how can I "turn" the 'pop' animation so that it would begin not from the top-left corner of the table but from the top-right corner?
  3. Hi
    I don't know why but Anims 'cube', 'flip', 'wipe' just don't work.
    A do sth like'cube');
    and the form doesn't appear.

    Anims 'fade', 'pop' and 'slide' are OK

    Working with...
  4. I know I can do that.
    But I hoped there is any item's event, course there are a lot of items in carousel and adding one long listener to a tabpanel isn't convenient..

    However, thanks for your...
  5. How can I catch a moment when I leave the carousel's item (but when I'm not moving to another carousel's item, so that cardswitch event doesn't fire, for example I'm going to another Tab).
  6. Hi,

    My situation: i have a tabPanel, which items are carousels. Every carousel has a couple if items (slides).
    I need to catch a moment when I'm leaving some Slide by either moving to other...
  7. That works, thank you!
  8. Hi,
    I have a floating panel appearing at a click, but when I click anywhere outside it, it hides. 0_o
    Is it normal?
    Can something be done with it?
  9. Problem solved.
    Thanks for really beautiful and logical source codes!
  10. mm.. what?
    Look what I need. There are two narrow panels: one at the left part of screen, and one at the right side.
    And the third panel that appears nearby left panel when clicking on it ant...
  11. Hi,
    I need to customize anim SLIDE when panel appears.
    I want to specify the place where sliding starts at (so to make sliding longer or shorter)
    Can I do this? And what should I do?
  12. Hi,
    I can't understand how to use FROM property of Ext.Anim

    I found that
    from : Object

    An object of CSS values which the animation begins with. If you define a CSS property here, you must...
  13. Replies
    I don't understand what should I do..
    So what's the mistake in my code?
  14. Replies
    i have no div assotiated with panel.
    Really, my situation is:
    - I have a carousel, and I need some draggable panel at one of the carousel's slides. I thought it;s possible to add panel as an item...
  15. I'm trying to do this too..
  16. Replies
    I can't create a draggable panel

    I'm trying to make a draggable panel

    panelItem= new Ext.Panel({
    width: 100,
    height: 100,
    xtype: 'panel',...
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    I have a problem with TabBar. I have a tabbar docked to Panel. The first time I open it in browser (Safari) there is no Tabbar, just the content. And after refreshing the page (f5) the TabBar...
  18. 3 cups of coffee- and a solution found! Just modifying the carousel's source code..
  19. I need to make carousel with no animation when switching cards. Ideally I want the card not to mowe when I'm moving my finger over it to switch card, just at one moment it should change to another...
  20. I have the same problem. It doesn't change the content properly
  21. GREAT THANKS for that solution!
    (i spent a day making love with the empty field after tabbar.hide()! =)))
  22. wow, i'm not alone fighting this issue.. i have no idea how to solve the problem..
    i'm trying to hide tabbar placed as a docked item to a panel..
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