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  1. Maybe it's related to this bug (which should be already fixed):
  2. Hi, nice to hear!

    I am using the latest version of chrome (38.0.2125.111), but for the latest firefox it's the same (33.0.2).
    If you zoom in 300% you can see it better, but it already exists for...
  3. Are you serious? Do you really have tested it? Every bug reported from decanski is still existing! My bugs or new features are still existing or missing too!

    You can easily reproduce it in your...
  4. Hello i can not download the current gpl release from the site:
  5. It's already known, but not a response yet.
  6. So, like i said in my previous post, there isn't a bug at all. There is only a missing feature. I will try to explain it again.
    The datefield has a datepicker in its class which listen to the...
  7. I think this is a missing feature. There should be a method like setMessages(GridViewMessages). What does sencha say?
  8. Okay, i think everything is working normal. The ValueChangeEvent only fires if you blur the datefield.
    If you directly want to recognize a value change then take the solution of suganya08 as a...
  9. Okay, i found a workaround for the problem. Simply call clear() for the PieSeries (not for the chart) before you update your store and redraw your chart. So the list ist synced again.
  10. Shadows for PieSeries aren't working anymore since 3.1. In 3.0.6 the shadows looks good. You can see it in your own examples:

    Working if you activate the shadows:...
  11. I am using gxt-3.1.0-gpl and i get an IndexOutOfBoundsException in PieSeries. First show a two slice pie and then a pie with less slices. If you hover the slices then you get the exception. This is...
  12. In line 42 you set the stroke to Color.NONE. So the createStrokeWidthAnimatorin line 44 has no effect anymore and the unhighlight is not animated. Set the the color for the stroke after the...
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    I think this is a heavy bug. I can easily reproduce it with the example of Andreas.

    If you want that it's working add this in the testcase. But refreshing the whole grid is not an option if the...
  14. Hello,

    the RowNumberer is default hideable. This should not be the default case. Otherwise you have a hideable column with no name. You can easily see it in your own examples:
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    I can confirm this bug exists. I was running into the same problem. After refreshing the header they are visible!
  16. Hello,

    if i use this:

    final Slider slider = new Slider();
  17. Hello,

    in EXT-GWT 2.3.1 you can interact with elements in a collapsed region. In GXT 3.1 this isn't possible anymore. Is this a known limitation or a bug?

    I've made a testcase to demonstrate...
  18. I think this is what you are looking for:
  19. tree.getSelectionModel().setLocked(true);
  20. What about this little inconsistency? Is it going to be fixed for 3.1? Now it will be the right time for this.
  21. I can confirm that the performance is much more better now and is acceptable.

    I have a general question for the stacked (column) bar charts and their shadows. In the moment you draw for each...
  22. I have checked it today. The latest revision is now 3049.
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    The collapse function of categories in the forum is still not working. You can't collapse a category anymore. It only jumps to the top. Please fix. It's a nice feature and i was using it. Thanks!
  24. No Problem Colin, that's what we are here for! :D

    I have a question about the svn access. I recognize that there are no commits since 27.02. Did you switch to git or another system? The latest...
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    You can add a SeriesSelectionHandler direct for the element if you click on it. Take the following example:

    and simply add a...
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