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  1. Hey Thanks Mitchell,

    But I don't want to allow the confirmation message window to be hidden by tapping outside area which I achieved by taking this confirmation message box in a variable and then...
  2. Could you please help me to prevent "Ext.Msg.confirm" window to be disappeared while clicking outside area.
    How can I config hideOnMaskTap: false?
    Where can I write this while creating following...
  3. Hey,
    I just removed that condition

    and destroying action sheet on Cancel button click as

  4. OK actually this function (action sheet) is called on double tap of an item of a list (list of files from the system)
    Thank you so much Mitchell, I'll make it in a proper way.
    - Sachin
  5. But Mitchall, handler functions are being called each time
    here is the whole function

    function pf_ShowFileActionSheet(record){
    alert('ActionSheet ' + record.get('name') + '...
  6. OK means action sheet is not being created again that's why the newer record is not being updated, right?
    then should I create it each time and remove after use,
    can you suggest any way . . . ?
  7. I'm getting correct record at the first alert. For the first time it's giving me the correct values but whenever I'm opening another document, it's giving me the first record values(name, path,...
  8. Hello Friends,

    I'm using Sencha Touch 2 and facing an issue while using Panel. I've created a function defining an actionsheet, in which record is having current selected data but when I'm passing...
  9. Thank You Jack ! Your post helped me :)
    I'm using Sencha Touch 2 Beta 2 and not sure which functions can be used with it and which can not.
    - Sachin Warke
  10. Replies

    Recently, I've followed a video tutorial to create an Android App implementing MVC using Sencha Touch 2 Beta 1 Framework, which may also work in iPhone.

    Following links may be useful:
  11. Oops Sorry My Mistake
    It was spell mistake in Main.js,

    Thank You JRS :)
    Thank You So Much :)
  12. :) Thank You So Much !
    This video teaches step by step implementation of MVC pattern in Sencha Touch.
    As you mentioned there are some changes as xtype: 'image' is not working in carousel and on...
  13. Hello Friends,

    Could you please help me to create a Login Form using Sencha Touch 2 Beta
    I have created UI following some tutorials (!/guide/getting_started,...
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