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    If what works?
  2. Any news?
  3. I have this problem to with 2.3.

    My temp fix it to set:

    And after adding my filter:
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    Exactly what I was trying to say. Feel free to ask or share more :-)
  5. Thank you,
    Any quick fix available?
  6. Hi Mitchell,
    I am thinking about 100% the same experience as iOS7 back. So I guess it is like a carousel where you drag the item but the animation is like the items are stacked.

    I can just see...
  7. =D>

    What a way to start a thread. Have you given _all_ the necessary information? ;)
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    I don't have a silver bullet and I am not sure there is any.
    Generating views take time and keeping the dom light is good. So you are on the right track.

    One way to "solve" it is to make...
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    I am not sure I what the question is? But:

    Is correct.
    If it does not work that way, please share some code so I can help you make it work.
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    Hi Jason,
    Back button will pop one view, that is standard behavior. Would you not think it would be strange if you pressed back in your browser and it sends you x-"views" back?

    Anyway if you want...
  11. Hi,
    Has anyone seen or done the same "back gesture" as iOS7 has where you slide fra the left of you screen for the NavigationView?
    I think it should be possible but would like to know if Sencha is...
  12. Hi,
    When pulling down with the Cupertino theme there will be a black square:

  13. I have all the information I need for now.
    But I think that it is not a very good thing to have the actual thread content differ from the subject/main purpose. For me and for future searches.
  14. @born4code
    I can see that you would like to have your problem fixed. But could you please create your own thread? You are off-topic.

    I have also tried to reply to your private message but it is...
  15. @fmoseley, thank you for asking :-) After working with AngularJS and Boostrap for the past 6 months I am back on a new Sencha Project.

    On topic, I guess I will keep refreshing the page and there...
  16. So by moving the files to that directory I can access the plugin from my application when running package/simulate from Sencha CMD?
  17. Hi,
    I have been reading the release news of ST 2.3 and CMD 4.
    I am about to start a new project and I have to write my own Phonegap/Cordova plugin for this project. (Linea Pro 5)
  18. It looks good, however it is not possible to use it because of:

    Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 404 (Not Found)...
  19. Hi,
    I have implemented many different versions of that type of navigation.
    It seems to be the trend right now, so I just wonder if there will be a official version of the menu? That will be...
  20. Yes,
    One year later, I am still using the same fix...
  21. Hi,
    Do you want to pop a view when pressing OK on the button in the message box?
  22. Hi,
    You can save the image to LocalStorage as base64 fx.
  23. Hi,
    If I understand you correct.
    You can detect what el/element you are tapping and only trigger your code if you select the right one.
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    They have changed it so it will be online only.
    Look here:
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    Because a desktop application can take advantages of what a desktop computer has to provide and a touch application to take the advantages touch has.
    Sure you can lower the costs of development but...
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