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  1. How can I set the minimum value or maximum value of a time field? Precisely, I would like to set the minmum value to 7:00
    When i use setMinValue(Date) it blocks the combo..
    Here is the code
  2. Hello,
    I am tyring to use Ctrl-S shortcut keys to save my current component in Firefox but the browsers built-in CTRL-S is taking over. In IE it works but not in FF. Does anyone know how could i...
  3. Actually the scenario wanted is
    1. open the file on client side
    2. Edit file
    3. Save/close edited file.

    So is it possible with GWT , to edit file directly on server side without having to save...
  4. Hello Micgala,
    Thanx for your response. Actually the file is a .doc ( word document). At this stage, i can display the file on the client side using a,...,..); method. But the open...
  5. Thanx
  6. Hello,
    I 'm actually using the HTMLEDITOR which works well with FF. However, when i' m having a problem setting the text font with IE.

    Thanx in advance.

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