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  1. Hi everyone,
    I would like to introduce a project I've been starting today. It's called N-Ext (compression of Node and Ext), and its purpose is to bring the power of ExtJs to the server through...
  2. Great, that works!

    However, as I said, I'm working on the server side, and your sample remains a short-term solution, for the following reasons:

    I intend the Ext.define method to load...
  3. When running the code

    Ext.define('Tab.Proxy.User', {
    'extend' : ''
  4. Hi,
    the following code doesn't work if if I haven't loaded manually the class 'Tab.Models.User.Basic'.

    Ext.regModel('Tab.Models.User.Frontend', {
    'extend' : 'Tab.Models.User.Basic',...
  5. Great!

    Thanks for all the hard work!
  6. You're right, it's not exactly a bug.

    But it is a concern, as it prevents a move towards the low coupling of the packages of the framework, which is, no mater what the goal of your project, a best...
  7. In core/util/DelayedTask.js, a Ext.namespace('Ext.util.DelayedTask') declaration is missing.

    As a consequence, if I want to use only this package, I have to manually add the namespace declaration...
  8. I noticed this in Loader.js:

    var isNonBrowser = typeof window === 'undefined',
    isNodeJS = isNonBrowser && (typeof require === 'function')

    How about having the property isNodeJS...
  9. Hi,
    I'm trying to change the proxy of a model programmatically instead of specifying it through the configuration.

    So after digging through the docs, I've found out a documented method called...
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