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  1. No, single selection is ok but your example is too complex.
    I look same or simiar functionallity as in version 4.0.7 - simple load default value.

    In this situation, it is easier for me to use...
  2. Dear All,
    I use remote JSON based store for xtype: combo in ExtJS 4.0.7. When the form is loaded, I create the JSON structure:

    {"data": { "country__name": { "name": "United...
  3. I try use form.load() . In 4.0.7 it's works perfectly and it's so simple and I prefer this method.
    When I use setValue() I need more steps (load data from database, set data to combo, ...) and it...
  4. I need combox with autocomplete and with the possibility of setting default value.
    Code example (it works in version 4.0.7 , but in version 4.1 not)

    fieldLabel: 'City',
    queryMode: 'remote', ...
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