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  1. Thanks for your proposal. However the matter is that it is very difficult to distinguish on the server side between the items to be destroyed as they are all of the same type (only IDs are passed)....
  2. The solution was rather easy, I just added a new listener above that line but to the "beforewrite" event and with option "single" = "true":

    ds.addListener('beforewrite', function(){
  3. Hi!
    I need to remove a record from the store but I don't want Ext to make a call to the server-side with "destroy" CRUD action. So, my code is:

    At the same time, this...
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    the same thing
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    Very nice code! However I need a bit different behaviour of DnD with GroupingView: when a row was moved to another group leaving this group without any rows it should disappear. In fact it is very...
  6. Found this topic, I think this is a solution
  7. No, id is correct, i just removed the actual code that makes an AJAX-call and gets the new node's id in response.

    var id=eval(response.responseText);
  8. Hi!
    I have a node id and want to select it after the tree is reloaded but I can't get this node by its id because the parent node is not expanded. preloadChildren = true in TreeLoader is fair only...
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    Sorry, I have missed parameter for getPath()
    Delete please
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    I have a TreePanel and I want to add new nodes dynamically but I can't get the path of currently selected node. In fact I am able to do this but I get something like this:

    whereas I want to...
  11. Hi!
    I've extended this plugin to display columns like in sample ColumnTree.
    Everything is the same except the names: ColumnCheckboxTree for TreePanel, ColumnCheckboxNodeUI for TriStateNodeUI and...
  12. Thanks, but this example doesn't show how to create tabs from the context of grids. I suppose that method from the documentation is too simple and actually doesn't give an ability to create tabs as I...
  13. Hi!
    I have a TabPanel with dynamically created grids in tabs. Grids are created using the method from the documentation. So I have a function addTab:

    function addTab(tabName){
  14. Great plugin, however there are some implementation bugs.
    First of all the author of the plugin did not consider the fact that rendered data in the grid may differ from that which is in...
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    I got the code from API documentation, but no additional css was mentioned here. Why will status bar be removed in Ext3? I think it is an essential part of UI.
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    Thanks so much! I just added background-position: left center; to the css you provided and it worked as I intended. But I am still curious why that happened, it seems to me that it is Ext's bug.
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    I have a following status bar in the grid:

    bbar: new Ext.StatusBar({
    id: 'status',
    text: 'Ready',
    iconCls: 'ready-icon'
    ready-icon class definition:
  18. Thx! Works pretty well =)
  19. Hi!
    I have a following EditorGridPanel:

    EditorGrid = new Ext.grid.EditorGridPanel({
    id: 'EditorGrid',
    store: DataStore,
    cm: ColumnModel,
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