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  1. Hi all.

    This one has been bugging me for a long time and since I found no solution on this forum I have decided to ask for your help, guys.
    Let's say I have a simple panel containing hbox layout...
  2. Great! I was experiencing those performance issues for weeks already.
    Abe, what about ETA of 4.0.2? Any information?
  3. Thanks for your reply.
    I've tried using different types of layout for the containing panel with no success.
    I also checked the docs and found that 'auto' layout is used when not specified - that...
  4. Hello all.
    In the beginning - congrats to ExtJs team for great new version :)

    I've built short example to indicate what my problem is:

    Ext.define('Containing Panel', {
  5. Anybody please?
  6. Ok, so I made simplest example for my code equivalent:

    var container = new Ext.Panel({
    renderTo: 'container',
    title: 'container',
    items: [{
  7. Thanks hendricd for quick response, but this still doesn't work. The remove method does not remove anything with that extra parameter. Strange :/
  8. Hi all,
    I'm building a panel containing a lot of other smaller panels. I would like it to have ability to change order of the panels inside. How to achieve this the easiest way?
    I tried doing...
  9. Just in case someone still has a similar problem and that thread doesn't solve it completely.
    Header also dissapears on ie6 because of <center> tag or text-align: center style...
  10. Well, I foud out what the problem was.
    IE8 has some strange behaviour with conditional comments for applying separate stylesheets for ie - it was appending a texNode : <![endif] to my body tag :/
  11. Absolutely not :) No iframes on my page.

    I was sure my body's first child is not a textNode but now I dought that:

    gives me :

  12. Hello again.
    I'm writting preetty complex form containing both Ext.form.DateField and custom triggerField invoking datepickers onTriggerClikc. In IE8 the datePicker's show method gives me error on...
  13. Eeeerrrrghh, you're right. I was using firebug console too intensively and didn't notice invoking that twice.
  14. Hello again,
    I have a panel that is supposed to contain a gridPanel and I have to add this grid dynamicaly.
    That's what I do:

    //panel scope
    xtype: 'grid',
  15. Hi all,
    I have a problem with a form, built with regular html markup. It contains some Ext.form.TextInputs which should not fire 'submit' event after hitting ENTER key (those are just helper inputs...
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    Superb! Thx
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    Do you mean I should do that:

    this.cityFinder = new Ext.form.TextField({
    renderTo: 'city-finder-2',
    name: 'cityFinder',
    value: 'huhuuh',
    keyup: function(){
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    I'm building my custom panel-based component which is rendering fine, but when I'm trying to put a textfield inside of it, the 'keyup' event isn't firing. This is what I put into my afterrender...
  19. Hmm, perhaps I asked wrong question. What I meant was that using pre-configured classes I could register some component type and then use it like:

    items: [{
    xtype: 'myCustomClass'
  20. Hey, Condor
    I read the post you linked me to and I have some questions:

    MyPanel = function(config){, Ext.apply({
    title: 'Hello',
  21. Thanks for the ideas, guys. I'll check those and let you know what I figured out or not.
  22. Actually, I don't even need the FormPanel if its possible to use columnLayout in normal Panel.
    But still it looks like the TabPanel is messing something up. I tried that kind of nesting

  23. Hey Condor, thanks for quick reply.

    Not really. I started definnig layout below FormPanel. Can't I use default layouts?

    Yes the components are set so I could see anything inside it. I also...
  24. Hello guys,
    I trying to built application which needs many components put inside other containers, but when I place panels like below it fails to render:

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    Hi all,
    I'm still not that familiar with layout and anchoring. What I need to do is placing a label on the right side of the field. labelAlign property which I used in the example below still...
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