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    animation: !
  2. I too am in the process of getting CORS working with a Sencha Touch app.

    CORS is not support in IE < 10, so IE8 or 9 will not work
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    I am indeed :)
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    Thanks for the reply. Effectively a proxy that works like the localStorage proxy that stores data in a JSON file on the device?
  5. Hi,

    Just wondering if anyone has made any progress with this. I'm working on a project for a client that renders a chart based on user input data (straight forward enough :) ), but then also...
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    Did you have any joy with this, as I need to develop similar functionality.

  7. Hi Mitchell,

    Thanks for your reply. The issue occurs regardless I whether the app is running, closed but I'm background or shutdown completely.

    It only updates properly if I remove the app...
  8. I am working on a project using Sencha Touch 2.1 wrapped in Phonegap 2.2.0.

    If (as advised) I specify the phonegap JS file as a dependency in the app.json file, rather than loading it as a script...
  9. Hi,

    Not sure if this is a Sencha issue or a Phonegap issue. I am working on a project using Phonegap 2.2.0 & Sencha Touch 2.1. Whenever I make a change in a JS file and rebuild the project using...
  10. Okay - well it seems I have managed to hack a work around for my issue. Essentially what I am doing is parsing the new HTML text before calling setHtml on my panel, assigning a randomly generated ID...
  11. I've even tried removing the map from the Dom and cache with the following code prior to setHtml, but still the same issue. :(

    var el = this.getDocumentPanel()'map').each( ...
  12. Had tried using Get methods, but no change :(

    Already posted the event capture code, which then fires an event to the controller. The controller simply calls the following code:

  13. Hi estesbubba. Thanks for that. I gave it a try, and it sorta worked. Only thing is that the same HTML can end up being rendered again, pending user input, meaning that the simply renaming the...
  14. Hi,

    I have been struggling to get my head around this for a couple of days now. I have a simple Ext.Panel, which displays some HTML that contains an image and a map to define 'clickable'...
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