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  1. hi..could someone help me on mouse over of fieldsets and panels?

    I have a panel and on mouse over of the header, i want it to collapse and expand(togglecollapse).
    Tried many ways with no luck......
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    Even i am facing the same issue mentioned by sdrew..
    Any help would be appreciated..

    though i have a workaround...i am using field.value instead of field.getValue() which gives me the selected...
  3. sorry for posting the thread here. just figured that it is a javascript problem.

    var test=0;

    trying to do this,gives the alert.
  4. I have a grid with a NumberField editor for one of the columns. When I enter 0 in the cell it renders correctly and the dataSource also has a value of 0. However it matches the empty string ("" or...
  5. Still the same problem exists. I am using ext 2.0
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