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  1. Thanks for the tip. I don't load all things...

    Thanks for the tip. I don't load all things manually, some things are loaded automatically before loading the vouchers. May for the vouchers your proposal makes sense too.
  2. Workaround found - but solved?

    Thanks for the tips icfantv. I use now the annotation instead of the key-getter. Looks really better since I have unique key fields in the bean.

    The server data was and is correctly transferred to...
  3. Second attempt

    Thanks for the input. I tried now to get working an example to show the behavior without using remote server calls. During this tries I think I got closer to the problem. It may have to do with a...
  4. (3.0.0 RC) Grid sort doen't seem to work correctly

    I have the impression the grid sort doesn't work correctly yet.

    If I sort the grid for example with a date column I get only one row displayed (about 70 are available). But if I click on the date...
  5. [Solved] Install Beta 1

    In the meantime I learned the Beta 1 came out and this problem is evaporated now.

    Thanks for this and other improvements.
  6. SimpleBeanEditorDriver Binding with TextArea doesn't work

    I've made some tests with the preview of ext gwt 3 (snapshot dp5). For a form I've used the SimpleBeanEditorDriver for data binding. This works fine for TextFields, NumberFields and Checkboxes but...
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