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  1. Thanks for the solution. labelTitle : { ...

    Thanks for the solution.

    labelTitle : {
    font: 'bold 14px Arial'

    works :D
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    Thanks Jeol. Windows are restricted to the...

    Thanks Jeol.

    Windows are restricted to the viewport.

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    Ext Modal Issue

    Hi All,

    I want to move the modal window any where in the browser, even on top of the MENU BAR, FAVOURITE BAR.


    In the above image i want the window to be moved over the favourite &...
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    Editable Grid Performance Issue

    Hi All,

    I have an editable grid with only 4 columns, but my JSON string is coming with 98 columns(out of which only 4 will be mapped to grid).

    Because of this the loading time of the grid is...
  5. Thanks,

    Thank You.

    This was very useful.
  6. Performance issue in row editiable grid with locking columns.

    Hi All,

    I have a row editable grid with 20 editable columns.
    Also, i have enabled locking on the grid columns.

    The problem is if the records are more than 100 then grid loads very slow.
  7. I think its IE10 issue

    Hi Joel,

    Thanks for your reply.

    I created the following fiddle for you. Please test this is mozilla and IE10.

    In mozilla, i dont find any issue with...
  8. ComboBox shows caret at the last position.

    Hi All,

    I noticed that in a non-editable combobox, the caret position is always at the last. And if the value is longer than the size of the combobox then we do not see the starting of the...
  9. Disable Multiselect does not show title in items

    Hi All,

    I noticed a that if a multiselect(ExtJS 4.2.3) is disabled, then the items in it do not show the title when we mouse over those elements.



    In normal HTML, when a...
  10. Worked For me


    The solution from vietits worked for me.

    Thanks a lot.
  11. Thanks

    Hi Gabanjo

    I was able to fix the same issue with the code you provided.

    Thanks for posting.
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    Hi Carol, I tired your solution, but it didnt...

    Hi Carol,

    I tired your solution, but it didnt work for me. The problem is that itemselector is binding to the new store but the from fields are not being populated. It just show blank. But when i...
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    Same Issue

    Hi Slemmon,

    Same issue is been posted before.

    Please help, its a bug...
  14. [FIXED] Same Issue

    Hi All,

    I am facing same issue. Can anyone please suggest ? what shall i do. :s
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    Bind new json data to Itemselector

    Hi All,

    I am using extjs 4.2. I have an itemselector as below. Initially, my itemselector is empty.

    Now, on click of "Return to Default". I want to load new json data into the itemselector....
  16. @watertrac_dev can you help me with clearValue...


    can you help me with clearValue for multiselect. I am not able to clear values :(
  17. hi, i was using an old unstable jar, latest...


    i was using an old unstable jar, latest jar available at

    Thanks for help.
  18. I was doing the same thing but it wasn't working....

    I was doing the same thing but it wasn't working. But now its working.
    You have given great examples. Thanks a lot. =D>
  19. getValue not working for MultiSelect

    Hi All,

    I am using xtype:'multiselect' with
    listConfig : {
    multiSelect : false,

    when i am trying to getValue() on this component it is...
  20. NOT WORKING : Gxt 3 Neptune theme Setup

    Hi All,
    I just installed GWT SDK 2.6 and created a new google web project.

    added the following jars to the lib folder and to the build path

    Steps are...
  21. Hi Gary, Sorry i didn't make myself clear. As...

    Hi Gary, Sorry i didn't make myself clear.
    As you can see in the below image the TITLE/HEADER of each panel is missing.

    In version 5, the titles are set by default. In some versions of...
  22. Itemselector Available and Selected title missing in Extjs 4.2

    Hi All,

    I created a form in extjs 4.2. But there is no option to show Available and Selected title in itemselector. Is this missing in 4.2. Because in 4.0.7 demo i can see it is there by default....
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    Bug in sencha cmd5


    I tried to build my app using "sencha app build" but changes were not reflecting.

    After this i tried "sencha app build --clean." and it worked.

    I think there is a bug in cmd5.

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    CSS Not reflecting

    Hi Team,

    I created a sample app using example guide given @

    After that, i configured it to run as a Dynamic Web Project...
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