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  1. I got an email on this explaining that I wasn't...

    I got an email on this explaining that I wasn't covered by my 5 user ExtJs basic licence a little while ago. I assumed that meant that I would have to buy it separately. I wasn't happy but I was...
  2. Is there a special activation code for the Visual Studio Plugin

    I installed the plug-in some while ago and entered my details and everything was working fine. Today Visual Studio crashed and when I restarted it asked me to enter my plugin activation details. I...
  3. Hi Sandeep, Thanks for your instructions. I...

    Hi Sandeep,
    Thanks for your instructions. I followed them and got the following as part of the build command. I have tried it a number of times (closing other apps etc) but to no avail. Any idea how...
  4. Building the Admin Dashboard example with Visual Studio plug in

    HI there,
    I am moving across to ExtJS6 and like what I see there. As pert of this I'd like to be able to build the Demonstration Examples, especially the Admin Dashboard from within Visual Studio. I...
  5. Hi Gary, That was great. I understand it now. I...

    Hi Gary,
    That was great. I understand it now. I applied the changes in my code and it worked brilliantly. Thanks a lot.
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    Hi chamacs, thanks for your thoughts. You are...

    Hi chamacs, thanks for your thoughts. You are correct that I could use the function to manage the filter. It does feel like that you are providing a work around to a problem that should just work....
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    [FIXED] Filter Range Not Working

    Ext version tested:

    Browser versions tested against:

    Chrome Version 46.0.2490.86 m
    DOCTYPE tested against:
  8. Creating content in a dynamically added tab

    I've been trying to put a grid into a dynamically created tab. I just can't see how to do it as there is no add function on the tab. I've create a fiddle to illustrate this point.
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    Problems filtering a remote grid

    I have created a grid with a number of columns. I want to provide an initial filter on my grid but am having two problems doing so.

    In the first, the filter that I am programatically adding,...
  10. Hi Joel, Thanks for your response. I've had a...

    Hi Joel,
    Thanks for your response. I've had a look at the example that you refer to and I'll be working out what to do there. It doesn't mention how to filter for >= or < etc. Can I recommend that...
  11. scrolling ideas

    Thanks for your thoughts, Mike. I've now implemented the infinite grid and it works very well. I particularly like having the thumb bar work as you'd think it ought to work if all the data was loaded...
  12. Ext Grid 5 Loading Strategy Discussion

    Hi Everyone,
    I'd just like to check that I am understanding the issues with the grid correctly. As a reference, I am trying to use the grid with a set of 40,000 records held in SQL Server and...
  13. Handling a wide rangel of available columns with Ext Grid

    I am creating a list that has many possible columns that the user could include in the list. Many of the fields are from connected records in parent/child relationships so I don't want to provide...
  14. Structure of data provided to the server when using Ext Grid 5 data load.

    Is there documentation that describes the parameters that need to be available for the grid to provide data into when it makes it's call? I have determined that there are integer values for the page...
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    Getting the install working

    Hi Chris,
    I have been downloading the file using Internet Explorer. On your note I switched over to Chrome and it downloaded as a VSIX file correctly. That's an unexpected difference but I'm sorted...
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    How do we install the VS package file ?

    I have received the email from "" entitled "Visual Studio Plugin Early Access Download" and followed the download process. Once again I was given a zip file, this time called...
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    No. It was from "[email protected]" and the title...

    No. It was from "[email protected]" and the title was "Sencha Visual Studio Plugin Early Access Download Instructions". It contained links to download the plugin, the install guide and the plugin...
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    Trouble installing the plugin

    I've downloaded the plugin with a view to install it but I come a cropper at the first step. The video and instructions say to simply download and click on the VSIX file. The download, however gives...
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    That was it exactly. Now works like a dream...

    That was it exactly. Now works like a dream
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    Difficulties with Binding

    Hi, I'm trying to get the value on screen to change after having generated new values by my code and while the data is changed, the screen is resolutely unchanged. I take it as a given that I am...
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