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  1. Sorry the patch didn't get integrated although is still up to bat. There is a workaround in the mean time. What I suggest doing is provide a text field with a custom appearance that removes the input...
  2. Could you provide a test case that I could test locally? I wasn't able to replicate the issue. If I can replicate the issue, I we can fix it.
  3. This should work, I'm investigating.
  4. Thanks for reporting. I've added this to our issues.
  5. This smells like a bug. I'm checking and will get back to you soon.
  6. I'm doing some guessing here, but something like this could be done.

    Window w = new Window() {
    protected void onAfterFirstAttach() {
  7. You could work around this by sublcassing window and on the first attach, use the same logic that is used in draggable and/or maybe window.fitContainer.
  8. Thanks for reporting. I've replicate it and filed it.
  9. That sounds like it could be a bug, but I can't tell with out seeing the code. Could you create a test case that I could reproduce locally and I could identify and load the context for the issue?
  10. Thanks for the report! I have opened a bug in our bug tracker.
  11. The snapping seems odd in this case. Thanks for reporting.
  12. Thanks for the report! I have opened a bug in our bug tracker.
  13. Thanks for the report! I have opened a bug in our bug tracker.
  14. Sorry for the delay. We've got this on our agenda, although I can't promise a time yet when we will get to it. If you need something sooner, xcredits can be used to get to it sooner.
  15. I tried it in web mode in IE8 and wasn't able to reproduce the cookie json issue. I used maven to run a jetty server which hosted the application and then loaded it in IE8 with an ip address and...
  16. Replies
    For those who come later are looking for GXT GPL it can be found here:
  17. I'm investigating back with more soon.
  18. I tried IE8 with the steps list above and wasn't able to reproduce the issue yet.

    1. Delete all of the browser cache and cookies, would this change anything?
    2. Could you try the test case here...
  19. Mike Marques and Daniel asked me to take a deeper look to see if I could help you out more. I'll see if I can reproduce this issue and if not I may need some more information. I should be able to...
  20. Just curious, if you could choose, what would you like it to do?
  21. I can't reproduce the issue in this location:

    Could you reproduce the error with that url?
  22. I'm curious would deleting the cookie and try running again. I suspect it got corrupted.
  23. That appears to be the cookie provider json. If you remove the cookie provider, would that get rid of the issue? Not sure why yet that is occurring.
  24. The workaround above looks nifty, although instead of returning Object, I'd return the type of the object being retrieved, then there's no need for a cast. So if its a HorizontalPanel you're getting...
  25. Thanks for reporting. I've attached the issue number. We will update the thread on progress.
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