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  1. Well, my goal is to just display a logo image, I...

    Well, my goal is to just display a logo image, I don't want any button functionality. If I use iconCls, it crops the image to 16x16.

    What I'm looking for is the equivalent of tbtext, but for...
  2. Toolbar image shows up in FF and Chrome, but not IE

    I added an image as the first object in a toolbar:

    mainMenu = Ext.create('Ext.toolbar.Toolbar', {
    items: [{
    xtype: 'button',
    width: 75,
  3. Thank you, that works perfectly!

    Thank you, that works perfectly!
  4. How to fix 16x16 icons clipped in tabpanel?

    It appears that standard 16x16 icons get clipped in the tabs of a default tabpanel. Even the Sencha advanced tabs example exhibits that behavior:


    What is the preferred method to increase...
  5. Best practice for applicationcontroller communication?

    In my application launch function I create a viewport and populate it with a few objects like a toolbar with menus and a tab panel.

    The menu controller adds grids in tabs. I'd like my grid...
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    How to create unconstrained window

    What is the proper way to create a window that is not constrained to the app main browser window?
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    Form equivalent of grid row editing?

    Does ExtJS4 support a concept for forms that is similar to in-line grid row editing?

    The idea is that a form would display its values as text labels unless a double click or 'edit' button is...
  8. How to make gridpanel snap to tab dimensions when inside tabpanel?

    I am putting a gridpanel in a tabpanel tab. I'd like the grid to snap to the tab's dimensions when the browser is resized. The surrounding viewport has layout 'border, and tabpanel, tab and...
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    Problem solved

    OK, the initial answer came via Stackoverflow: use position: absolute instead of fixed. Interestingly, someone posted a link to a programmatic solution that is a plugin for jQuery.

    The nice thing...
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    Best practices for centering an image

    This isn't really an ExtJS question, although it pertains to me attempting to center an image in a TabPanel tab.

    I want to have a tab with a single image in it that is centered within the tab, and...
  11. Sounds great. Can you point me at a reference or...

    Sounds great. Can you point me at a reference or example on how to do that?
  12. Need help displaying a "splash screen" in an empty TabPanel

    I'm having trouble displaying a default "splash screen" in a TabPanel body when it contains no tabs.

    The idea is to show a logo when the TabPanel is empty, and as tabs are added, their content...
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    Viewport doesn't display (blank screen). When I...

    Viewport doesn't display (blank screen). When I comment out the code, the app displays properly.

    Actually, no syntax error reported in NetBeans, but I figured out the problem: a missing var...
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    The code in the initial post shows the listeners...

    The code in the initial post shows the listeners section commented out. If I uncomment that, and include the callback below, my JS doesn't load in the browser.

    clickListener = function (node,...
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    How to capture AsyncTreeNode click events

    I'm sure this has been beaten to death, but can someone point me at a small example of a TreePanel that captures click and right-click events on AsyncTreeNodes?

    Here's my treePanel, but I'm not...
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    Slate Theme files here

    In this thread, there is a post by "Kim" who gives a link to a zip file. The post is from November 2009, so if there is a newer or more "official" place where these files can be found, I'd like to...
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    Answered my own question

    Turns out I was NOT using the most recent files for the slate theme. Once I downloaded the newer set, the buttons rendered properly.
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    Slate theme rollover buttons not working

    I created a small toolbar and added some buttons. I'm using the latest slate theme, and when I rollover the buttons, i get the original blue themed buttons. Any idea what I did wrong?

    Here is...
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    Please help with first ExtJS + Grails app

    Hello ExtJS community,

    I'm new to ExtJS, and I'm trying to get my first app jump started. It's a simple Grails app that uses Ext for the layout. I'll fill in the Ext UI components once I get the...
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