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  1. [CLOSED] I am getting this error in 4.1.1 I am trying to...

    I am getting this error in 4.1.1
    I am trying to add a node to a treecolumn using drag and drop.
    What is the fix?
    Please help
  2. ExtJs4.1.1 : Use treeviewdragdrop with gridviewdragdrop

    I want to use integrate two Drag n Drop features of ExtJs 4.1.1
    I want to drag nodes from a tree panel/grid into another tree grid. Drag and drop feature should have the flexibility of...
  3. Managed it with a global controller

    Well as suggested in the earlier answers I managed to get it working by using a global controller.

    Global Controller:

    Ext.define('MyApp.controller.StatusBarController', {
    extend :...
  4. Upgraded but new error now.

    Okay as per your suggestion I upgraded my Ext package to the latest version.
    Now my version reads:


    Ext.Version.Version {version: "", pad: 0, shortVersion: "500970",...
  5. Ext Js version

    My ExtJs version: ""
  6. Probably incorrect ViewModel Data Binding documentation

    I am trying to understand the functioning of a ViewModel in ExtJs5.
    I was going through the explanation about ViewModel on this page:
  7. ExtJs5: Call Controller 2's method from Controller 1

    I am trying my hands on the new ExtJs 5.
    I have created a small app as per the defined MVC pattern of ExtJs5.

    Am using `ViewControllers` for each `View`.

    Problem Statement: Now suppose I...
  8. Any fix for this issue?

    I am also getting this WARNING whenever I build my ExtJs5 app.
    Can you please let us know when can we expect a fix for this?
    If already fixed at your end then what needs to be done to get rid of...
  9. ExtJs 5: TreePanel: Not getting the default leaf icons and lines

    I created a sample TreePanel using Sencha ExtJs 5. I followed the sample example in the documentations and I am able to see the items (leaves and branches) but they are not coming as a Tree, but as a...
  10. ExtJs 4.1: Destroy components on closing a dynamically created tab

    I am creating new ExtJs tabpanels and rendering panels inside it programmatically. The panels (rendered inside tabs) are all written in separate JS files.
    Opening, rendering and closing of the tabs...
  11. ExtJs 4.1: Grid: TextField Editor: Assign text "", shows blank cell

    Hi all,

    I am facing this issue while using editors in grid.
    And I am finding this in almost all the grid examples that I found on net.
    In a grid having editor such as textfield, try entering a...
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    Help with porting to 4.1

    @tof : yeah am late but it is just that I recently started working with ExtJs. And it so happened that we require a tool more of less like your GUI Builder. But we want it to support Grid. That's...
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    GUI Builder compatibility with Ext 4.1.1

    Hi tof,
    first of all this is a super tool... I should have found this much earlier.
    It can easily save half your development time.

    But now that I have found it, I wish to integrate it with my...
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    Form submit always returns failure

    I might be too late for this but I faced a similar issue while working with form submit.
    The reason in your case is I think the "success" parameter is looking for a boolean value.
    So I think it...
  15. Do a 'contains' search in both combobox and textbox

    It has been explained quite well in here...
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