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  1. [OPEN] PagingToolbar inside ComboBox works incorrectly in some browsers

    When combobox is configured with queryMode: 'remote' and non-zero pageSize then clicking on next/prev/first/last buttons in pagingtoolbar causes combobox dropdown panel disappear. Changing page...
  2. [FIXED] Cellediting plugin issue in 5.0.1 (regression since 5.0.0)

    Just compare and

    Try to double click grid cell and move cursor with...
  3. [OPEN] Screenshot attached:

    Screenshot attached:
  4. [OPEN] Incorrect rendering of components inside form layout

    Ext version tested:

    ExtJS 5.0.1
    Browser versions tested against:

    chrome 37
    DOCTYPE tested against:

    <!DOCTYPE html>
  5. [FIXED] Here it is: Ext.require('*'); ...

    Here it is:

    Ext.define('Person', {
    extend: '',
    fields: ['id', 'name'],
    proxy: {
    type: 'ajax',
  6. [FIXED] Settings works incorrectly for POST requests

    If you set method in writer config then for POST requests "transformed" data block will be appended to query string in addition to POST body.
  7. [FIXED] I use the following workaround: ...

    I use the following workaround:

    callback: function() {
    // workaround, ExtJS doesn't properly reload selection on store update
  8. Here is the problem place in the code...

    Here is the problem place in the code (src/selection/Model.js, method refresh):

    // Add currently records to the toBeSelected list if present in the Store
    // If they...
  9. Outdated selection after grid store reload.

    If your grid keeps selection after reload then list of records obtained by grid.getSelectionModel().getSelection() contains the same records before and after reload, so if some selected records have...
  10. In 3.3 still broken.

    In 3.3 still broken.
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    API doc and chrome/opera

    Why scroll position is not remembered after switching to another tab inside api doc window? It's working on firefox and doesn't for other browsers. Very annoying. Is it known bug?
  12. Reopen (possibly). On 3.3.0 selectionchange is...

    Reopen (possibly). On 3.3.0 selectionchange is still called for every line in the selection.

    For example. If I select 10 rows using SHIFT key, selectionchange will be called 10 times. And if after...
  13. [DUPE-953]RowSelectionModel: event "selectionchange" is fired for every selected line

    When I select lines using SHIFT key RowSelectionModel fires event "selectionchange" for any line in the resulting range. So when I'm selecting many lines my event handler is called many times and...
  14. In my case (3.2.0) method disable just not...

    In my case (3.2.0) method disable just not working at all. After calling disabled() method isEnabled() is still returns true.
  15. Confirm. Method "Ext.QuickTips.disable()" doesn't...

    Confirm. Method "Ext.QuickTips.disable()" doesn't work.
  16. thank you for workaround

    thank you for workaround
  17. [FIXED-785] GridPanel is not rendered if store modifed from another tab

    Ext version tested:

    Ext 3.1.1

    Adapter used:

  18. Problem with FF, Firebug and BasicForm.fileUpload

    When I submit form with fileUpload is set to true I cannot finish submit process because firebug breaks response from the server:

    missing ) in parenthetical
    [Break on this error]...
  19. I'm using this ux for menu item tooltips: ...

    I'm using this ux for menu item tooltips:

    * Creates a menu that supports tooltip specs for it's items. Just add "tooltip: {text: 'txt', title: 'ssss'}" to
    * the menu item config, "title"...
  20. Well, found a some kind of workaround, set event...

    Well, found a some kind of workaround, set event "nodedragover" and remember node, then use that node in "notifyDrop"

    nodedragover: function(e) {
    this.targetDropNode =;
  21. Thank you, but I don't see drop handler there.

    Thank you, but I don't see drop handler there.
  22. Detect node that receives dragged object

    I have GridPanel and TreePanel instances. Elements from GridPanel could be dragged into the treepanel. But I can't detect which tree node receives these dragged items.

    I initialize tree panel DD...
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    Corrected russian translation

    I've made some encoding-related fixes in the russian translation file. File is taken from 3.0.3
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