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    my 0.02 cents worth. I have customers using ExtJS who I will continue to support and enhance their applications, BUT, I just got a new customer and I was required to learn AwareIM. If you are...
  2. ???
  3. my problem is, that premium comes with the lovely pivot chart which I have no use for. (I am using Tableau for all of my BI needs). But, it would be nice to have inspector to help with debugging /...
  4. using 6.0.2 and latest plugin.

  5. Perhaps you guys figure that no one votes?

    Perhaps you guys figure that all of the candidates are equally worthless, so the voting is not really that important.

    But seriously, did anyone...
  6. I see there is a 6.0.2 available now. Where can I find what new features / bug fixes are in the nightly builds of cmd?


  7. All of the code thats generated has about 16 lines of comments telling user to not hand edit the code. The only problem, is when debugging and an error is raised in the controller, the line # does...
  8. Is there a way to have the no warnings if an array store?


  9. Thank you
  10. Must be my OLD eyes, but I don't see an example using 2 direct providers in the kitchen sink. Can you point me to the example please?thanksbruce
  11. Day mostly over.I will suggest that even if you attended SenchaConn you DO go to the road show if possible. Lots of good techie talks. Minimal fluff (Ok, Art did have to give his CEO keynote, a...
  12. Nice talk by Peter Tierney from Williams Energy re: UX mind set
  13. but the Good news re: SA, Art mentioned that customers 2 biggest complaints are:1) multiple developers using SA2) importing code into SAwith no guarantee, he did say the development team will focus...
  14. OK, so a mini-senchaConn. 1st question was when will we have Architect for Ext 6? Answer: probably 1st qtr 2016 (hummm, counting on my fingers, thats 6 months from now....)
  15. I have not tried it yet, but wondering if there will be any issues having 2 direct providers? (need one for reporting requirements, other for my DB access.)

    Does this work?

  16. Just about to start. Nice size crowd in room (forget those who keep asking if Sencha is dead!) over 60 peeps in room. Hopefully will have some good technical sessions! More to follow...
  17. Would be nice to have a meet and greet and perhaps show and tell with the existing sencha customers.

  18. Running on OSX

    I was inspecting a theme, changing colors, etc. clicked on my Skype app to text someone, and when I come back to the inspector I can no longer edit the colors. when I click,...
  19. No enum constant com.sencha.idea.model.Toolkit.${ARGS.TOOLKIT}

    Esp. when I have more than one editor open.

    I do have the Webstorm / Preferences / Javascript / Library set properly

  20. I have a form field (called state) and entered the following for the listener:

    listener: {
    blur: 'upperCaseState'

    When the IDE generated the event handler, it was named "upperCase"...
  21. Marc, do let me know when you find a "good" editor. Except for hesitations every now and then, I find web storm is working OK for me. It is so extensible was easy to find someone who had a diff....
  22. Chris, in Architect, I can set the preference to NOT have YOUR built in web server running. Thats what I want to turn off for apps built using a plain old editor. When I am at a command prompt and...
  23. Last good one for me was .84, now up to .136 and I get the same error in at the same section:

    sort of looks like this:


    my app works fine in older builds,...
  24. Was not sure where else to ask these:

    1) I do not want to use the built in web server. I have my own for testing. Where does one go to disable it?

    2) I am using Webstorm, and when I open a...
  25. Thanks, I have no problems using your scope. Mine was extra wordy anyway.Bruce
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